Old dog of Inner Mongolia Tongliao jokes simba: You find a newspaper to defend you, but also pay protection money?

2022-05-25 0 By

Why don’t you find a newspaper and pay an annual fee to defend simba?Some people say that you have 10 million fans who give you the whole forget, old dog back simba broke 10 million long ago ta lost, return is old Ma Hongtao gave me broken!Simba is very similar to an ancient emperor. Someone said, “Who is Zhu Yuanzhang?” The teacher replied, “Zhu Yuanzhang is a bit like Liu Bang.Zhu Yuanzhang just killed a few people. Liu Bang hit Liu Bang hard. Some people said, “If a family doesn’t eat people, it will bite them.Are we not going to give you the video?So don’t we give him some attention?Say what stem ha ah, we also did not eat this son, a total of eighty thousand brush to me, right.I maintain you BaZi, I maintained for two years, everyday lick BaZi fart eye, lick for two years, excrement hall are licking it, no problem, I can’t say now because speak the truth, you say me stance the abbot, I can’t say now, because speak the truth, you say me the old dog killing, not, I lick BaZi, licking the fart eye for two years, what’s the matter, also nothing wrong with it,Safeguard you 818 two years, return how, I owe you what, I beat you, you look for a newspaper office to safeguard you casually, you still have to throw idea to go, one year still have to pay year fee to go!Some say you have 10 million followers who did this to you?Old dog said, “I have 10 million fans, Lao Ge of Taiyuan gave me a raise, my adopted father” Simba “gave me a raise of 1000 fans, don’t you ta?I have 10 million fans now, and you raised me 10 million before. I should have lost all my 10 million fans because Of Old Ge and Ma Hongtao. There is something wrong with me, Tie Zi!