Xiayi County Will ting town: improve the living environment beautiful village

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Early in the morning on April 3, Xiayi County will ting town Guanchanglou village party branch secretary Cheng Fengying as usual, the first thing is to go to the village to check the quality of cleaning cleaning cleaners.”Only when I see with my own eyes can I rest assured that if any rubbish is not properly cleaned, I will immediately ask them to clean it up again,” cheng said.Since 2018, Guanchanglou village has carried out a comprehensive improvement of the village environment step by step due to village conditions. It has built 2 kilometers of new roads, renovated 25 dilapidated walls, treated 2 pits and ponds, built 3 small gardens and squares, planted more than 5,000 trees of various kinds, and promoted the renovation of toilets throughout the village.After unremitting efforts, today’s rural courtyards are clean and tidy, with flat and open squares and cultural walls of socialist core values…A fresh and beautiful picture of the new countryside.The improvement of human settlement environment in Guanchanglou village is only an epitome of the regulation of rural human settlement environment in the town.In recent years, Huiting Town has integrated sanitary renovation, toilet renovation, village laneway rectification, rural courtyard beautification, “beautiful courtyard” creation and other work organically, continuously improving people’s living environment, improving supporting facilities, dressing up the rural style, and creating a beautiful livable living environment for the masses.What used to be a smelly puddle has become a small park with beautiful surroundings.Disorganized and idle land, into the farmers cultural square;Lighting, greening, beautification, hardening project, so that the village appearance becomes more clean.”In the improvement of the living environment, my town in accordance with the ‘planning first, demonstration advance, step by step implementation’ principle, not to do one size fits all, adhere to local conditions, in the town of 15 villages first implementation, demonstration drive, with the point belt area, the overall improvement.Wang Wentao, party secretary of Huiting Town, said.”In the past, there was always a bad smell when I went to the toilet. Now I don’t have to take a cent. The government gives money to build the toilet.”Deng Buting, a villager from Wangchang Village in the town of Meeting Pavilion, happily told reporters that the sanitary environment has changed greatly since his family changed toilets.On the door of Deng Buting’s bathroom, the village’s unified blue and white logo board shows the number “029”.”029 means that my toilet is the 29th one in the village.””Dempoting explained.In the process of rural living environment improvement, the town is also paying attention to road, the fields and villages along the marginal, and the bridge behind the house, forest, ditches, and other key parts for centralized regulation, all the regional coverage, thorough do old accumulated living garbage, construction waste, waste straw sundries cleaning, do not expose the garbage, no health corner.”The garbage in the village is gone, our hearts are brighter, and the villagers’ happiness index is higher.It’s nice to be clean everywhere.”Often speak of the improvement of living environment results, the town’s mayor Liu Qinghua face with a smile.The spacious and tidy road through the village, the colorful wall painting of the village, the scattered farmyard, the delicate farmyard garden…A beautiful picture of the countryside is spreading slowly in the pavilion.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com