Nordic furniture made of solid wood builds a poetic dwelling home

2022-05-26 0 By

Wood can be said to be the most readily available, with human and easy processing of natural materials, historically to closely related to human survival and the development of the society, starting from the early people would use such simple natural solid wood furniture, used to build the poetic habitat home, people gives birth to the rich wood culture, perhaps, we form the habit ofCompatriots for solid wood more or less have some solid wood feelings.Nature made of solid wood in the land of germination, growth, and gradually become dense, it records the time and the change of the surroundings, and then through the hands of craftsmen, renew the trees in a new form of life, in one night it silently accompany us, it seemed to be able to full of the milk of human kindness and our common breathing, as the change of people’s aesthetic in the choice of solid wood furniture,It gradually from elaborately carved European, American and traditional Chinese gradually returned to more simple, practical modern people, among which the Nordic style is a market in recent years.The most prominent feature of boreal Europe style is contracted, and the colour and lustre of log, to say the real wood is one of the largest window and advantages, boreal Europe furniture in the furniture of boreal Europe style, see more natural real wood material, real wood of these without too cumbersome process, retains the original texture and colour and lustre, take natural breath with us.Each piece of wood with a unique texture, natural marks and color change, not completely the same people also not completely the same tree, so every piece of solid wood furniture is made of one and only, made of high quality solid wood furniture of northern Europe, more humanized, while maintaining the beautiful also emphasize the convenience of users at the same time,Every piece of furniture pays attention to ergonomic design.Besides it again on the basis of functional increase the aesthetic feeling, in boreal Europe style building indoor will use many superior heat insulation performance of solid wood, try to keep a log of appearance, color and texture, in order to highlight the natural feeling to the original feeling of logs, discarding the design of the vanity of modern aesthetic and practical, advocate natural and simple, that is the charming of boreal Europe style solid wood furniture.Contemporary and contracted, fashionable young elements are concentrated in the solid wood furniture, leading the future of furniture design trends, with different seiko log furniture production process, the reduction of the traditional aesthetic log, it will be as a part of interior decoration, furniture depth fusion, truly achieve “big furniture, decoration, 360 degrees of visual aesthetic concept of furniture.Furniture is the carrier of art and culture, good wood honest plain, wen Embellish firm, having the strength of quiet, it is the precious that any secular thing cannot replace, such Northern Europe real wood all is sending out the glamour that lets a person cannot resist.