TOPCon has been awarded PV Magazine annual award for two consecutive years

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Taizhou, February 5, 2022 / PRnewswire / — PV Magazine’s annual awards ceremony was held online on February 3, 2022.PV Magazine brings together experts and representatives from around the world to award PV Magazine awards to companies or products that have made outstanding contributions to the development of the PV industry in the past year by providing innovative or breakthrough solutions for the PV and energy storage fields.The world’s leading manufacturer of N-type TOPCon components, China Photonics, has been awarded PV Magazine’s Component of the Year award by industry experts.PV Magazine’s expert jury for this year’s PV Magazine Awards is made up of a distinguished panel of industry leaders, including senior PV analyst at Bloomberg, PV Guider,With its strong market performance, excellent performance and excellent quality, Niwa Black double-sided components from China Optoelectronics won PV Magazine’s Component of the Year Award in the New Year.Niwa Black is based on the latest N-type TOPCon 2.0 technology, with a double-sided ratio of more than 80% and a conversion rate of more than 22%. Combined with an all-black aesthetic design, Niwa Black combines high efficiency and high appearance level, featuring high power, low power cost and additional generation gain.At the same time, with the advantages of low light attenuation, better low-light response and higher reliability, zhongle components have been put into use in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, after the installation of the project has been unanimously recognized and widely praised by customers, this award is the best certification.In addition, Niwa series components based on TOPCon technology have repeatedly invited third-party certification bodies to perform power generation empirical comparison with components of different technical versions in a variety of terrains and environments, and verified that the power generation gain of Niwa series double-sided components in extreme natural conditions such as desert and plateau is more than 16% compared with single-sided components.It has been proved that TOPCon has withstood the test of field project operation in multiple application scenarios and has quality assurance.For the product quality, to overseas marketing team director Huang Ruichun stressed once more, “the market is the most direct feedback on product quality, we are currently battery and component of global shipments have been more than 5 gw, and won great acclaim on the client side, this directly to verify the N type products of excellent quality but we will not stop there,We will continue to adhere to the research and development of photovoltaic technology, with better products and performance to give back to customers, to provide global customers with better green energy solutions.”