The second Procuratorial Department of taiqian County People’s Procuratorate held a ministerial meeting

2022-05-26 0 By

In order to summarize the achievements in 2021 and plan the work in 2022, the Second Procuratorial Department of The People’s Procuratorate of Taiqian County held the first ministerial meeting of 2022 on February 9, 2022. The meeting was presided over by Chen Lingbao, a member of the Leading Party Group of the People’s Procuratorate, and Director of the Second Procuratorial Department. Zhu Jingchen, secretary of the Leading Party Group of the People’s Procuratorate, attended the meeting.At the meeting, all police officers of civil, administrative and public interest litigation procuratorial departments made a profound summary and reflection on the achievements and shortcomings of the work in 2021, and made an in-depth and detailed plan for the work in 2022.Zhu affirmed the police officers of the Second Procuratorial Department’s summary of their work last year and their work plan for 2022, believing that the police officers of the second Procuratorial Department’s summary of the advantages and disadvantages of their own work is in place, and they can accurately grasp the direction of future work.Zhu stressed that although the overall work of the Second Procuratorial Department has achieved very good results in 2021, there are still many areas that can be improved, such as the supervision of fake lawsuits by the civil procuratorial department, the supervision of non-lawsuit execution by the administrative procuratorial Department, and the handling of major cases of public interest litigation by the procuratorial department, all need to make breakthroughs in 2022.Zhu pointed out that the achievements are past, it represents only a new starting point, all officers of the Second Procuratorial Department should guard against arrogance and impetuous, full energy, recognize the gap between themselves and the advanced counties and districts, and constantly improve themselves in 2022 work, shorten the gap with the advanced counties and districts, and surpass.Finally, Zhu put forward four requirements for the second Procuratorial Department: First, the benchmark should be stretched.Relative to last year, although the work has been improved, but the control of the city, provincial excellent team, the control of the High Inspection institute, the provincial hospital, the municipal hospital requirements there is a big gap, to further strengthen the civil and administrative public interest litigation work, improve the work standard, really achieve the “four procurators” together;Second, precise measures should be taken.Spare no effort to improve our thinking, focus on implementation, and make targeted efforts to improve our performance are not empty words. We must identify our weak points, set targets and tasks, start targeted work now, and make up for our weak links as soon as possible.Third, focus on key issues.For procuratorial work, the key point is the difficulties and characteristics, we should base on the key work proposed by the higher court, select the key work in line with our own characteristics, and highlight the handling;Fourth, the chain should be elongated.The chain of case handling should be extended, and the case handling should be fine. The chain handling should be extended from simple case handling to case handling, case handling, publicity in place, social governance, educational effect and service of the overall situation, so as to truly achieve win-win, multi-win and win-win legal supervision effect.