These five old classics are underrated gems that you’re probably hearing for the first time

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1. The Fog;Dong Yong acted the role of god.But the pace is really slow, the middle more than ten episodes dragged me to worry for them.About four or five sets of the time I estimated that Feng Ren and Xiaoting partnership to deceive people, so the plot is not too unexpected.The last five episodes were sublime.It’s easy to see yourself as a psycho.2. Hearing Liangshan;The definition of a good film does not mean that it has to be perfect, as long as there is a place that can touch your deep heart, I would like to give her my most sincere praise.The love between the Wolf and Shiwei makes my heart beat.But the songs are really nice.Young people grow up in the process of pursuing their dreams. This is my childhood.3. Senior Colonel’s Daughter;This is a more than ten years to see the TV series, the first time to know Guo Xiaodong, his Jiang Shi ‘an that kind of love and not let a person love dearly.Peng Cheng’s that “there is a she in the cemetery”, every hear all very moved!The best book to familiarize me with military life.Are to rely on their own ability to become famous ah!The story spans a great distance.Two great people, never crossing that line, running their own way. Nice.4. Dragon Ware;The plot is not, there is no spiritual core, see behind, the leading role is not what part of the drama, people set are fast standing, character motivation is also running off.The acting is ok, and so are the characters.This play not only brings me a shocking reflection on human nature, but also makes me admire the performance of the actors in the play.5. “Old Dreams”;Accidentally opened, before the dog blood drama is like taking a fist gently hit you, and then played for a long time, at the beginning feel no pain, finally hit the internal injury.See more now she meekly, to help the male master family to honor the family drama, such a step by step looking at the changes of The Times family fortunes, and finally to the ordinary story, it is estimated that now can not be shot.These 5 old classics are underrated gems that you’re probably hearing for the first time!