Along the river: Break the ice and try “four changes” to make the school teaching reform come alive

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Recently, in the area of primary and secondary schools in Yanhe Autonomous County, there are seven teaching and research staff team figure in the busy shuttle, they or in the classroom listening attentively, or in the teaching and research group each opinion discussion, become the county’s new semester primary and secondary schools teaching reform a unique scenery.Yanhe Autonomous County education bureau with the “four changes” to break the ice to try teaching and research staff depth station teaching research and guidance work, stir up the school teaching reform a pool of spring water.Change from “solo” to “team”.There are 12 full-time teaching and research staff in yanhe Autonomous County education and Teaching Research Center, which can not cover all the subjects and the aging age structure.There are 26 full-time teaching and research staff in 22 towns and townships (subdistricts).For many years, the teaching and research staff of county and township have carried out mostly teaching and research activities in the limited scope of “single-front”, “single-soldier” and “small-scale” operations.In 2022, the county bureau of education after more than half a year of basic research, puts forward a new train of thought, the county, township level research staff integration “mixed”, by 10 county education teaching research center, research staff and 26 villages and towns (street) education management center research staff of seven groups, respectively, to the county 23 villages and towns (street) and agatanoatae teaching school and how to carry out comprehensive survey supervision work,The implementation of “team cooperation, collaborative operation”.In order to solve the problem of insufficient teaching and research strength, the next step will also hire part-time teaching and research members to the county, full-time + part-time, so as to comprehensively improve the teaching and research work “go it alone” situation.Change “skimming” to “dissecting sparrow”.Carry out teaching research and guidance, each group is responsible for 2-5 towns (streets), each group to a town (street), “sink” to the end, a squat for 7 days.The content of research and guidance is divided into many parts, such as campus tour, classroom lectures, data access, participation in teaching and research, communication and interview.The forms of investigation and guidance include interviews, lectures, field visits, data browsing, and visits to students and teachers (parents).To each school, the survey guide group through listening, watching, checking, visiting and other forms of teaching guidance, according to the situation of the guidance carefully fill in the “Yanhe Tujia Autonomous County primary and secondary school education and teaching routine survey guide record form”, and then the group comprehensive research and judgment, timely organize the school to hold a feedback meeting.The feedback meeting is not only a greeting meeting, a reminder meeting, a pulse consultation meeting, but also a training meeting. It is beneficial to improve teachers’ professional ability by sending new curriculum ideas, good strategies for preparing for the high school entrance examination, and solving puzzles in lesson preparation to the campus.At the same time, I also participated in the skills competition and the selection of high-quality courses, guided in the competition, and promoted the growth of teachers.”In classroom teaching, we always closely around the ‘where to go, what to do, how to go, have arrived’ link to carry out ‘anatomy sparrow’, the purpose is to make the guidance effective, useful, inspiring and harvest.”Ran Zhiheng, a teaching and research member, said.Change “focus a little” to “focus all.”The research and guidance group not only pays attention to classroom teaching, school-based teaching and research, and teaching routine, but also pays attention to the overall development of the school, and takes the initiative to give advice for the development of teachers and schools.In Banchang Town, we carried out the discussion of “collective lesson preparation”, and also participated in the exploration of “double reduction” and after-class delay service.In Siqu town, the investigation and guidance group carried out a comprehensive inspection of 39 items from the three levels of schools, principals and teachers.In Ketian town, the author puts forward some pertinent suggestions on the construction of class culture and campus culture, and also puts forward some development ideas for the next step.In Tuanjie Street No. 6 Primary School, they took the role of “participants, collaborators and researchers”, and carried out in-depth exchanges on the school’s educational ideas, educational achievements, moral education, professional dedication of teachers, and the development of students’ behavior habits.In Huangtu Town, they take advantage of the “famous teachers’ studio” and other resources, not only absorb and train outstanding young teachers, but also carry out the third grade review and preparation activities.In the experimental middle school, constructive suggestions are put forward on the problems existing in the implementation of the two exercises, school-based subjects and demonstration experiments…Change “can have” to “must have”.Teaching and research staff are not only the researchers of education and teaching theory and practice, the guides of teachers’ teaching practice and research, the promoters of teachers’ professional development, but also the promoters of high-quality education.So how to strengthen the construction of teaching and research staff, improve the ability of teaching and research staff?The county proposed: teaching and research staff “must have”.First, in promoting the professional development of teachers, we must be promising. In the aspect of “mentoring” for young and middle-aged teachers, provincial backbone teachers, provincial famous teachers of Guizhou and Spirit, provincial famous teachers of teaching, provincial famous teachers of rural areas, and provincial famous principals;Municipal backbone teacher, chief famous teacher in East Guizhou, municipal teaching teacher, municipal class teacher, municipal principal and municipal backbone teacher;County-level backbone teachers, county-level teachers and so on cultivated a few, grew a few, will be linked with the teaching and research member of the fragment and assessment.Second, teaching practice and research must be promising, teaching and research staff in special lectures, demonstration classes, launching classes and other aspects to do a good demonstration;We will guide schools and teachers to improve the pertinence, effectiveness, attractiveness and creativity of teaching and research work and improve education and teaching work by adopting regional teaching and research, network teaching and research, comprehensive teaching and research, thematic teaching and research as well as teaching demonstration, on-site guidance and project research.Declare provincial, city and county subjects every year, declare several successful, host several, participate in several to reach the standard.Third, we must make efforts to improve the quality of education and teaching.”This year, our county has made it clear that under the background of the” double reduction “policy, we will not relax our efforts to improve the quality of education and teaching. The director of the education management center, teaching and research staff, principal, deputy principal in charge, and teaching director implement the bound assessment, which is to force our teaching and research staff to ‘make efforts’ and’ do their best ‘.”County education teaching research center director said.Yanhe Autonomous County has tried to break the ice, improve the teaching and research methods, realize the innovation of teaching and research, and serve the school and teachers, which has lit up a bright light for the professional development of teachers, and injected a fresh water into the teaching and management of grassroots schools, providing more practical and effective help.Source | river county bureau of education statement: this article, all peer originator if there are sources of errors or infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of you, you can through the E-mail contact us, we will be handled in a timely manner.Email address: