Don’t forget to leave a position for the water

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Introduction: Several IG champion players are no longer in the team, JackeyLove needless to say, as long as the end of S9 he went to TES, is still one of the double C.Ning and Baolan have been criticised for not having the right team and are now working as anchors.Rookie and Theshy are in different places and can’t seem to get together again.Now, rookie’s girlfriend Xiaoyu has given us a surprise. She posted a video of herself inviting rookie, Theshy, Ning, Baolan and even Su Xiaoluo to get together again and make dumplings to celebrate the festival.Unfortunately, there was no Sign of JackeyLove.This time it’s all IG veteran members. Of the five champion players, four of them are here.They talked about many things, including JackeyLove.The contestant was unable to attend their party because TES had a competition at the time and the video was filmed years ago.At the time, TES had not played its last game and JackeyLove was playing practice games with the team.Rookie, etc. must be sorry for his absence.Several of the contestants have been close, and this reunion naturally wants to be neat.Since JackeyLove didn’t show up, they had to go live via video link.As the team members clinked glasses, JackeyLove joined in with a water bottle, and Xiaoyu couldn’t help but make fun of him for not twisting the cap.Said a few words rookie hang up the video, don’t delay JackeyLove training.At the end of the photo, rookie words are even more tearful.A water is also in TES training preparation competition, do not forget to leave him position a few players crowded on the sofa group photo, was small yu’s lens frame went in.Rookie: Remember to “P” JackeyLove and Duke.Rookie instructions, the rest of the group will subconsciously save a place for JackeyLove, Duke, who is not here, and then they can take a photo of their family.There was enough space in the photo to fit the two contestants in.I have to say that rookie is very sincere to his old teammates. Even if they don’t come to the party, he will remind you to save your place and then post a complete picture.JackeyLove used to be rookie’s roommate. The two had the best relationship at IG and will miss each other after leaving the team.Rookie: Duke is a Rookie. Rookie is a Rookie from South Korea.Personal opinion: The S8’s IG lineup has moved on to different teams, either to continue playing games or to become anchors.Either way, they were impressed by their championship experience.Unable to go home for the holidays this time, the contestants got together to celebrate.This holiday, they will probably send blessings to each other, or even meet offline.This article by the cat head bag original, welcome to pay attention to, with your knowledge!