In pokemon’s creepy way, getting smaller and increasing dodge rate has always been the mainstream?

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Geely eggs, this only treasure can dream all old friends, can be said to be small 2 articles at the time of seven generations small 2 have repeatedly mentioned the treasure can dream how sick people in the match-up, dubbed the “cancer” title for many times, indeed, geely egg itself has a high HP basis, if put on pyroxene is indeed the match-up with the existence of high durable,Even if it doesn’t have too high a resistance base, it can also rely on HP to save it. Every time when it comes to the way geely Egg is disgusting, xiao Er will often talk about getting smaller. Then, in the case of DP duplicate Geely Egg, its performance in DP duplicate will be different from that of Sword/Shield?Gillette: Attributes (general), attributes (natural recovery/grace/healing heart).Ben stands by getting smaller.When it comes to DP replays, if it’s singles, it’s no doubt that gillechinos is still going small as the main play, and in doubles, gillechinos is actually still going small, unless it’s a defense swap or something like that,Geely eggs in doubles to consolidate if it isn’t really is not easy — and the current battle “sword and shield” double god nature is not to geely eggs yard to strengthen this treasure can dream of space, so it is not included in the double consider god wars with geely eggs can’t study highly toxic, now in the game against a less consumption means, then doubles smaller domestic sex to geely eggs,Pour with conventional auxiliary as the mainstream.Doubles geely egg, there is no walk so singles geely egg so have both characteristics, singles geely egg core is smaller, still rely on the high HP less durable as well as the general system weaknesses, geely eggs on pyroxene it difficult to between 1 hko, after then go smaller strengthening becomes possible, combined with geely egg has a range of skills,Therefore, after strengthening, it can also continue to come up, which increases the dodge rate and the fleshy geely egg is very disgusting after strengthening and forming. The other party can consume the opponent while continuing in the case of not necessarily hitting him, and sometimes it can even force the other party to surrender without playing.Recommended with recruit (singles) : Small + raw eggs + earth throw + mental strength/invisible rock recommended with recruit (doubles) :Eggs + features swap/help + freezing wind + healing wave because lack of the highly toxic, so lucky egg consumption means can now do is not much, even smaller output skills still need to use to attack after forming, which is representative is to be able to play fixed damage instead of attack by content determined how much on earth,Besides small 2 also recommend geely eggs take a spirit to be strong to read what of, geely attack less egg itself, but only carry a planet is ghost department sent the case if the other party, they can only look on geely eggs here, this will be the lucky egg in the singles were short board, doubles while also can be smaller, but the environment violence with auxiliary words shall prevail.Well, these are some personal additions to the game, and because of its high HP, It has its own place to play in multiple generations.