No surprises!Congratulations to the National football team!Li Xiaopeng put forward the key requirements, add chips against Vietnam

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No surprises!Congratulations to the National football team!Li Xiaopeng put forward the key requirements against Vietnam add chips family tips: dear readers, how can read such sports information every day?Click the attention button in the upper right corner, your attention will be the biggest motivation for my creation!On January 30, 2022, Beijing time, the game between China national Football Team and Japan has ended. As we all know, although China National Football Team lost 2-0, this is the strength of China National Football Team. In four words, it is inferior in skill.So all the hope of the National football team is in the side of Vietnam, but Vietnam national football team said, at present, Vietnam is fully prepared, the goal is to beat the Chinese national football team, but can the National football team beat Vietnam?In the first game, The score of National football team against Vietnam was 3-2, now I am afraid that the game against Vietnam may not win, the recent development of the epidemic in Vietnam is more complicated, even so, Vietnam coach Park Hang Xu still said.”This will be a very special game, but we will not shrink back, we will not be affected by any external factors, we will focus on the game and try to win,” Vietnam coach Said.And if the national football team lost to Vietnam, li Xiaopeng will be dismissed, there is no suspense, now after the national football team arrived in Vietnam.Thought the team’s to learn, but the team’s players a behavior, did a lot of controversy, it is the team’s players, on a bus to Vietnam, continue to shopping, did not reflect on your own is not enough, but now Li Xiaopeng in order not to shock defeat, demand is also publicly Li Xiaopeng said, now the team’s loss of reason,The main reason is that the team has too few warm-up matches. If there are more warm-up matches, it will be much better for the National football team.Therefore, for Li Xiaopeng, he also said the same appeal as Li Tie, but Chen Xuyuan could not arrange, after all, because of the epidemic, the national football team could not find a qualified epidemic prevention team, so how do we look at this problem?I hope you can click the follow button in the upper right corner and leave a comment in the comments section!Follow the author to receive the latest sports news every day.