Rocket four players on the list!Rookie Challenge roster, starting wing to make up for disappointment?

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Despite the rockets’ lackluster record, there are plenty of promising young players on the roster who may not necessarily develop into superstars, but who are steadily improving, becoming an integral part of the roster and gaining recognition from the outside world.With All-Star weekend just around the corner, the US media have been making predictions about this year’s Rookie Challenge roster.First up, the second-year players, rockets forwards Jayshawn Tate and Kenyon Martin Jr., all made the list, along with:Charlotte hornets core pull merlot – Bauer, the Minnesota timberwolves star Anthony Edwards, Sacramento Kings guard halliburton, the Orlando magic dual-energy cole – Anthony, Memphis grizzlies players deiss DE bain, Cleveland cavaliers flank Isaac – Mr Luo, the Philadelphia 76 ers backcourt thales – maxi, the New York knicks player Emmanuel – kratosKerley, Detroit Pistons forward Sadiq Bay and SAN Antonio Spurs player Devin Vassell.Grade a squad forecast and last year’s rookie, yield is higher, the media predicted grade one squad list, in the first eight pick of cade Cunningham, jay – green, evan – cuttino mobley, Scott Barnes, jay – sag, josh – gidi, Jonathan – Ming and small libraries Wagner, all on the list.The other four players are Chris Duarte, Alperen Shin Kyung, Ayo Dosomme and Herbert Jones, the last two second-round picks.With Green and Shin both from the Rockets, the rockets have four young players projected to play in the Rookie Challenge, the most in the league.Tait Jayshawn – Tait had a very good performance last season, but maybe because the rockets record is so bad, leading to Jayshawn – Tait was not included in the rookie challenge list, Rockets head coach Silas at the time for him.He was named to the All-Rookie First Team at the end of last season and was the only undrafted player on the roster. Given that he’s been a solid starter and has done better this season, he should have no problem making the Rookie Challenge team.Kenyon Jr. – Martin despite relatively mediocre statistics, but consistent enough wins, Kenyon Jr. – Martin has been a major part of the Rockets rotation this season.Although the ceiling is not too high, Kenyon Martin Jr. has been a consistent winner, providing some support in almost every game.As for the other two rookies, their progress is evident, but the rockets still have a long way to go if they want to play central roles in the future.Especially Jay Green, after all, he is the second pick of the draft, watching many lower than their own players shine, his own pressure is also very big.