Stocking up during the pandemic. Are you ready for these hard supplies?Recommended collection, critical moment can save lives

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The epidemic keeps going back and forth, and no one knows which day it will be better. It is necessary to store some supplies appropriately.To tell you the truth, I have a strong dislike for people who laugh at other people’s hoarding. If you think you will never starve, maybe you just do.For example, before the epidemic in Shanghai, there was an old man who packed dozens of bags of instant noodles in a supermarket. Some young people took pictures, laughing at the old man’s old-fashioned and satirizing his senseless action.But the truth is pretty harsh.Of course we have to believe that things will be better, but we also have to be prepared for the last. That’s the best way to get both.Stocking up isn’t just irrational shopping. On the contrary, as long as you stock up on the right items, it can actually save lives at critical moments.Let me talk about my inventory list. First of all, rice, flour, grain, oil, sauce, vinegar and salt are basic.All of the following are from the experience of someone who has been isolated!A person can eat rice for several months at 50 jin.Rice will not spoil in a short time, if you are worried about the air is too humid or rice long insects, you can put a few pepper in the rice, and put the rice in the storage sealed box.Noodles refer to flour.A lot of southerners probably don’t cook much pasta, but trust me, it’s important too!You can store about 10 jin.Because noodles can be fermented, only a little flour is needed to make a lot of steamed bread.If you are really quarantined at home, you can try your hand at making pasta, which is also very cheap!A little flour goes for several meals!And they don’t go hungry as easily as boiled porridge.These are all preparations for containment.Grain refers to miscellaneous grains, red beans, mung beans, kidney beans, black beans, soybeans, chickpeas and so on.There are two kinds of beans in particular: mung beans and soya beans.Because fresh vegetables are difficult to preserve, if sealed in the home for a long time, may not buy fresh vegetables, so you can use mung beans and soybeans to send mung bean sprouts, bean sprouts.It’s good to eat more of these germinals in spring.Mung beans can also cook porridge in summer, clearing heat and reducing fire.Soy can make up for the lack of meat to some extent. Many vegetarians don’t eat meat, but soy is definitely part of their meals.Oil is also very important and can be stored in two bottles or so, because oil has a longer shelf life and is not susceptible to moisture like rice noodles, as long as it is sealed in the shade.Besides, oil must be used anyway, but if there is no oil, then the dish must be very bad to eat.Many dieters eat boiled vegetables that are eaten on a specific premise (to lose weight) and actually don’t taste good.Sauce vinegar salt these seasonings, as usual cooking, are prepared with some.Salt is so common and so easy to miss.During the quarantine in Shanghai, some people ran out of salt at home, and no matter how good the ingredients were, they couldn’t get into their mouths.No salt is horrible.So it is recommended to store up about 10 bags of salt, the negative salt is always consumed.In addition, salt itself is a preservative, and if I can’t finish my kumquats, they are salted and can last for years!So stock up, stock up, salt is important!The above is the most basic, can only ensure that do not starve to death.It’s important to stock up on canned food if you want to eat slightly better!What can I stock up on?I like to stock up on canned fish, canned luncheon meat, canned peaches, canned mushroom ragu, canned tomatoes.Many people think canned foods are preservatives. Is it bad for your health to eat them?In fact, this is probably the biggest misconception most people have about cans!Cans don’t need preservatives!As long as it’s properly sealed, it can last 2-3 years!Very durable!Quite suitable for stocking up during the epidemic!Because if you buy it and put it there, it won’t expire for at least two or three years!It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work, it won’t break!When buying canned goods, it is recommended to choose the products of the big brands, because the quality of canned goods of the big brands is guaranteed, and the sealing is done well, and the shelf life is more reliable.Common canned brands are Merlin, ocean, Gulong, Tunhe, Peng Sheng, eagle money and so on.The reputation of the old brand is guaranteed.At the same time, during the epidemic can also stock up on some dehydrated vegetables, I will prepare some dried lettuce, dried evergreen, dried bamboo shoots, etc., dried plum vegetables, pickled mustard, dried radish, sour beans and other side dishes to eat with the meal can also be prepared.These can last from a few months to a year and don’t take up much room in a bag. Even if you are taken to a cabin, you can take a few bags with you, and these things will also serve as a flavor.Still have a few food additionally, if compress biscuit, small bread, chocolate, candy, puffed food also can store a few.It may not be hard currency on a material level, but if you’ve ever been home alone for a long time, you know how important it is to have some snacks handy.Sometimes we eat not because we are hungry, but because we relieve our anxiety by the act of eating.Eating something sweet can also brighten your mood, so it’s a good idea to have a snack on hand.Moreover, most of the snacks shelf life is about half a year -1 year, but also more resistant to storage.The so-called eating and drinking, eating and drinking has always been a great thing for people, hoarding is not ridiculous, not hoarding is as ridiculous as hoarding a lifetime of food.Stockpiling properly is the expression of rationality.# # stock up