34 years old, 60 years old, 78 years old, three turning points of aging, you grasp?Share 3 anti-aging tips

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Human life, inevitably aging, this is the law of nature, can not be violated.What we can do is to delay the pace of aging. The more effective intervention we can make, our youth will “go later” for a while, and our future will be healthier and longer.So, at what age is old?To take anti-aging measures?In fact, the steps of human aging, from many aspects, whether organ, brain, or consciousness, aging time is different, targeted to take different ways and means.Simply speaking, the aging of human body, is not decided by only a time, but by many “inflection point of aging” composition.34 years old, 60 years old, 78 years old, three turning points of aging, you really grasp?This concept was put forward by the famous medical journal Nature. Research shows that aging is not something that happens in a short period of time, but a response caused by quantitative changes to qualitative changes through multiple non-directed aging signs.The peak of ageing can be identified by the level of some proteins in the blood that change markedly during ageing.Researchers took blood tests from more than 4,000 people of various ages and concluded that the tipping point for ageing in humans was 34, 60 and 78.In these ages, the physical signs of human aging is the most significant, physical fitness will also decline a step.That is to say, if we want to delay aging, to ensure our future health and longevity, at the age of 34, 60 and 78, we need to take age-appropriate measures to delay aging, do you really realize that and do it?So, how to take measures to delay aging at the corresponding age?The first inflection Point 34 34 is the first inflection point, like the midday sun, which is at its peak but has already begun to decline.At this age, staying up late for work or entertainment, irregular eating and so on, are the norm, and this is also the cause of accelerated aging.So in the people of this age group, want to delay aging, nothing more than get rid of bad living habits, for example, smoke and drink, stay up late, overeat and so on, make sure the body continues with relative health, it is the best method of delaying aging.The second “inflection point” – 60, 60 the inflection point, means that aging is not the concept of generalized, but narrow in the body and organs of aging, this stage at the age of 60, the human body organ is gradually entering aging stage, so need more in the diet and life, to reduce their burden, in order to achieve the purpose of anti-aging.For example, in the diet, under the premise of balanced nutrition, less oil and salt, reduce blood vessels and gastrointestinal burden.Or in ferial day again, develop the habit of proper motion and read a book to read a newspaper, the calcium that activates skeleton absorbs efficiency and active cerebrum nerve, in order to avoid body organ ossification and aging, achieve the purpose of delaying aging subsequently.The third “inflection point” 78 Years 78 years is the peak of aging, whether physical or organ, and with it all kinds of diseases of old age.Therefore, the measure of delaying aging at the age of 78 is actually a guarantee of health and longevity, and a reasonable prevention and recuperation of various diseases.Regular physical examination, reasonable treatment of their own existing diseases, is the best way to prolong longevity.To sum up, 34 years of aging is mainly about overcoming bad habits.60 years of age, the Lord is developing a healthy life.To prolong senility at the age of 78, to prevent and recuperate diseases, and to delay senility at different ages is a healthy and reasonable way to pursue longevity.Follow nature, follow the rhythm of human physiology, always can’t go wrong.[1] Lin Zhaohui, Lin Qiucheng.A preliminary analysis of aging index and age in Traditional Chinese medicine [J]. Journal of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, 2010(2):90-92.[2] Han Lulu.Statistical Modeling of biological age integral and biological aging structural Equation Model in healthy people [D].China Medical University, 2010.