A dream of red mansions: Xue Baochai always does not love jewelry, why can’t wait to wear red musk deer parade?

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Bao Chai has the ambition of qingyun, bearing the burden of the family, especially the envy of the yuanchun imperial concubina honour, but she was not selected, in jia fu business “golden marriage is also very difficult, she can not wait to wear the red musk deer reward yuan Spring has three main meaning:A, said he is very grateful, please yuan Spring and Mrs. Wang “a Dream of red Mansions” twenty-eighth, yuan Spring Dragon Boat Festival to the home gift, always do not like flowers powder son, rich idle makeup Xue Baochai can not wait to wear the red musk beads, in jia Fu everywhere agree, let everyone see.This is baochai to show respect and flatter yuan Chun, but also a kind of please to Mrs. Wang.For example, a leader on a business trip brings a lot of hand gifts or local products to everyone, as a subordinate, of course, is to express gratitude to the leader, so the best way is to use these gifts to show that they like them very much.Baochai in the upper echelon to please jia Fu has always spared no effort: in order to please Mrs. Wang voluntarily put their clothes to do gold kushu shri, borrow the name of Shi Xiangyun please Jia Fu all people eat crabs, their own money to help Mrs. Wang get ginseng;In order to flatter Jia mother dare to pull on sister Feng, said “chicken wench with him how clever, clever but the old lady to”, his ji ji birthday point drama and dishes are all Jia mother love…Her flattery to Yuanchun was mainly reflected in the euloquies she wrote on the ceremony for mothering, and she helped Baoyu change the word “green jade” which Yuanchun did not like into “green wax”, and specially asked Baoyu: “Who is your sister?The one with the yellow robe is your sister. You call me your sister again.”Two, remind everyone Dragon Boat Festival gift, the “golden marriage” yuan Spring Dragon Boat Festival gift is very strange, only Baoyu and Baochai got the same example of the gift: two handle palace fan, red musk beads two strings, Fengwei Luo two ends, the lotus mat a received.Lin Daiyu and Miharu had only a fan and red musk beads.Bao Yu and Bao Chai’s extra fengwei luo and lotus mat belong to the bedding, so the gift of Yuan Chun implies the direction of “Jin Yu Liang Yu” marriage.Baoyu think sent wrong, Lin Daiyu is very angry, Jia mother in the back of the humble jiao sing a big play, said against “golden marriage”.But Baochai is very happy, bengguan this Dragon Boat Festival gift is Mrs. Wang persuaded the Yuan Spring, or Mrs. Wang deliberately rigged, anyway, foil “golden marriage” purpose is achieved.Although the book said: Xue Baochai because of the past mother to Mrs. Wang and other had mentioned “the golden lock is a monk to, such as the future have jade can get married” and other words, so the total far away from Baoyu.When I saw yesterday the things yuan Chun gave me, I felt even more bored because he was just like Bao Yu.But her body is very honest, know the treasure jade is a Lin daiyu touching lives, more only has a Lin daiyu “, she is not only active and the treasure jade swap gold lock and psychic jade also rejoiced to can’t wait to put on the meta reward in the spring of musk red bead, about to remind everyone: only treasure jade, and given her the ritual is the same, yuan spring and the treasure jade also belong to her marriage.It had the same effect as if she were wearing the golden lock every day, and Daiyu was right when she said, “He is limited in other things except what these people are carrying.”In fact, it doesn’t matter whether Baochai likes Baoyu or not. What she likes is the power of the Jia family and what she wants is the position of Baoyu’s wife.Baochai is very ambitious and ambitious, although called “ruthless” by the author, but always thinking about the plight of the attack, full of enthusiasm for fame and fortune.This can be seen in many of her poems, such as the poem ode to White Begonia, in which “The White Emperor’s desire for compensation depends on his cleanliness”, and the poem of Willow catkins, in which “The good wind, by its power, sends me to the blue clouds”.Bao Chai herself is also excellent. She is beautiful and well-read, but it is a pity that she was born in a family of declining emperors and merchants. There is no official position in the family, and her father died early.Their mother had to take them with her to family and friends for shelter.Baochai’s path was completely blocked, so she hated those delicate palace flowers and did not want to wear them, because she could never hope to pursue her dream in the palace.She is also very jealous of Yuanchun’s mothering. She not only praises yuanchun’s glory, but also shows shame, which is very rare compared to her confidence and pride in the rest of the book.Therefore, when the yuan Spring reward red musk, Baochai nature is happy, when not on the imperial concubine, also not the other people’s girls wear the jewelry to the imperial concubine to have a good time?After all, Baochai is only a 15-year-old girl to sum up, when the Dragon Boat Festival gift down, Baochai feel “golden marriage” chip has increased, whether it is the meaning of the spring, or the meaning of Mrs. Wang, in short, she has more confidence.Although he could not enter the palace as a concubine, he may marry jia Baoyu, a legitimate son of the Rong Guo Fu, as his wife, which is already the highest branch of the Xue family within the scope of their ability to cling to.And treasure chai the effect is very good also, because of her physical medium-bodied white, wearing red red musk bead particularly good-looking, the treasure jade “in our beside looking at a crisp white arm, move the envy of heart”, not only look for a want to touch, even don’t dislike the “marriage”, “recalled Jin Yuyu with another kind of charming romantic”, Lin daiyu is so jealous,He called Baoyu a “foolish goose”.Nanshan orange warm/text