Anhui reported six cases of mental problems in violation of the CPC Central Committee’s eight-point regulation

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A few days ago, anhui provincial commission for Discipline inspection and supervision of 6 violations of the central eight provisions of the spirit of the typical problem publicly notified.The details are as follows: 1. Tang Chuanxin, former member of the Party Group and vice mayor of Huainan City Government, illegally accepted gifts and money, and illegally accepted banquet and travel arrangements that might affect the impartial performance of official duties.From 2013 to 2019, Tang Chuanxin illegally accepted gifts, gifts and shopping cards from 8 management service objects that may affect the impartial performance of official duties, with a total value of 95,800 yuan.From 2019 to 2021, Tang and his wife were repeatedly invited by Wang, chairman of a holding group in Anhui province, to dine in the company’s internal canteen and drink high-end liquor.From 2015 to 2021, Tang chuanxin himself or his wife, daughter and other people, many times accepted the arrangement of a company legal person in Shanghai Zhou and other people, to lu ‘an, Shanghai and many other places to travel.Tang chuanxin also had other serious violations of discipline and law.In November 2021, Tang was expelled from the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC) and dismissed from public office. His illegal income was confiscated, and his suspected crimes were transferred to the procuratorial organs for examination and prosecution.2. Li Xingwang, former deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and president of Anhui Vocational College of Water Resources and Hydropower, granted subsidies in violation of regulations.From January 2013 to August 2017, in violation of the provisions of the General Office of the Provincial Government on performance-based pay for public institutions, THE Institute of Hydropower And Power granted employees a total of 7,793,100 yuan of performance-based pay in the name of transfer fees, and 298,100 yuan of evaluation fees illegally, of which Li Xingwang received 28,200 yuan.As the deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and president of the University at that time, Li Xingwang presided over the president’s office meeting to study and decide on the issue of granting subsidies, and was responsible for this.Li Xingwang also has other disciplinary problems.In August 2021, Li xingwang was placed under probation for one year.Their retirement benefits will be reduced from the second level of professional and technical posts to the fourth level of professional and technical posts;The income from violation of discipline shall be confiscated.3. GUI Zuxiang, director of state-owned Assets Management Department and director of Procurement and Bidding Center of Anhui Agricultural University, illegally accepted gifts.Before the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2019, GUI Zuxiang illegally accepted the campus express service center project winning unit anhui supply chain management Co., LTD. Li sent high-grade liquor and moon cake gift box, a total value of 0.32 million yuan.In December 2021, GUI received a warning from the Party and his income from disciplinary violations was confiscated.4. Zhang Chao, former director of fishery administration Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Bureau of Fengyang County of Chuzhou City, illegally accepted gifts and embezzled public funds for granting tianjin subsidies and paying entertainment expenses.Around the Spring Festival of 2018 and 2019, Zhang Chao received tobacco, alcohol and other gifts from the management service object Zhang and others for many times, with a total value of 9,600 yuan.From 2017 to 2019, Zhang chao illegally arranged others to take 280,000 yuan of huaihe River special funds to pay the entertainment expenses of the county fishery administration Bureau.From 2019 to 2020, Zhang chao arranged management companies to defraud public funds by selling fish without entering the books and issuing false invoices, which were used for illegal overtime subsidies of 36,000 yuan.In 2014, Zhang Chao arranged others to apply for an appropriation of 200,000 YUAN in the name of the lutang Aquatic Product Farm project of Fengyang County, and illegally purchased a car to be used as the official car of the county Fisheries Bureau.Zhang chao also has other violations of the law and discipline.In March 2021, Zhang Chao was expelled from the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC) and removed from his post in political affairs, demoted to a first-level clerk, and his illegal income was confiscated.5. Wang Chengjiang, chairman of the Labor Union of Hefei Industrial School, illegally received gifts and money and accepted a banquet that might affect the impartial performance of official duties.In 2019, during the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day and other festivals, Wang chengjiang illegally accepted electronic red envelopes, high-grade liquor and other gifts, a total value of 40,100 yuan, from wu, the winning bidder of the school’s physical examination and welfare procurement project.In the summer vacation of 2019, Wang Chengjiang was entertained by Jiang mou, the business director of the successful bidder in the school physical examination, during the training period.In January 2021, Wang was given a disciplinary warning by the Party and his income was confiscated.6. Geng Quanlin, former deputy section chief of confidential Communication Department of Bengbu Public Security Bureau, illegally accepted banquet and travel arrangements that might affect the impartial execution of official duties.In May 2020, Geng Quanlin illegally accepted a dinner arranged by shi, an employee of a company in Suzhou, during a business trip in Hefei.In July of the same year, Geng Quanlin went to a suzhou company to attend training period, accept the company when a certain arrangement to suzhou many scenic spots to play, ticket fees are paid by when, during the play also accepted when a gift of rice wine, silk and other gifts.In June 2021, Geng was given a disciplinary warning by the Party and his income was confiscated.