Gushi County branch of Zhongyuan Agricultural Insurance: solidly promote the improvement of urban and rural living environment

2022-05-28 0 By

Henan economic newspaper reporter Li Xiaobao correspondent Ma Xiaochong Ma Qianli days, in order to deeply implement the provinces and cities and counties on the urban and rural living environment renovation work conference spirit, combined with the local reality, the Central Plains agricultural insurance company Gushi county branch company take the initiative as, rapid action, actively organize the unit staff to participate in the living environment renovation action.The company participated in gushi urban residential environment renovation at the same time, to the letter to complete the task of residential environment renovation given by the county party committee and the county government.On the morning of February 19, 11 employees of gushi County branch company, under the leadership of manager Xie Yun, carried tools such as shovels and tongs, went deep into chenpeng Village, Guantang township, Gushi County, the baolian unit, braving the cold, and participated in the living environment renovation work with local cadres.We were busy cleaning canals, picking up rubbish, carrying bricks and trees.Through the real labor experience, we have a deeper understanding of the significance of urban and rural residential environment remediation.”In the future, we will be in accordance with the superior competent department and gushi County party committee county government arrangements, actively participate in the human settlement environment remediation action, to beautify Gushi contribution to the ‘Central Plains agricultural insurance’ force”.Gushi county branch manager xie Yun said.