Liao Bin real estate registration services for the convenience of enterprises

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The electronic map library was fully completed and put into use, the registration Windows for water, electricity and heating implantation were merged, and the new registration mode of “Prompt delivery (Haiti and Land)” was launched.This year, liao Bin real estate registration center innovation launched three measures to facilitate the people benefit enterprises, so that enterprises and the masses have more sense of access.Previously, enterprises and the masses in the application for property rights to submit the mapping map (zong map, housing map), the need to travel to and from the sales office, mapping agencies and registration center, time-consuming and laborious.In order to solve the problem of multiple running and repeated running, liaobin Real estate Registration Center broke the barriers of surveying and mapping information, and took the lead in the province for half a year to create an electronic picture library of stock houses for free use by enterprises and the masses.The completion and operation of the electronic library of stock housing marks that the process of submitting surveying and mapping maps for real estate registration has become a history, which saves time and costs for enterprises and the masses.Previously, housing transactions after the transfer of water and electricity heating need to run a number of departments, through a number of links, over a number of materials, work is very inconvenient.”What the people need, I can do.”Liaobin Real Estate Registration Center implanting water, electricity and heating transfer into the registration window through the joint operation of departments, realizing five matters of real estate + water, electricity, gas and heating transfer “one form application, one window acceptance, one time settlement”, providing convenient and affordable services for enterprises and the masses.Liaobin Real estate Registration Center insists on serving enterprises attentively, and realizes “double synchronization and zero time difference” for sea, land and certificate delivery by means of active intervention, pre-verification and synchronous handling.After the launch of the new registration mode of “Prompt delivery of certificates”, it can help enterprises quickly acquire land, obtain certificates, finance, construction and production, and effectively boost investment attraction and high-quality development.Liao marina real property registration center thought that enterprises and the masses to provide “the office, at once, a” service as the goal, in the Windows environment, optimize the work flow, optimizing the service level, promote multisectoral business integration, information data again to upgrade, improve efficiency and, make real estate registration “the whole chain, a window” closed loop.Relying on the real estate registration information platform and combining with relevant policies for people’s benefit, the company keeps close cooperation and collaboration with tax authorities, courts and financial institutions to optimize the service “combination”.We introduced an innovative registration system that allows people to apply for registration in their own cities, so that people who apply for registration in their own cities do not have to run errands.”Joint Taxation Office”, so that tax payment and registration at one time;”Information sharing”, let information run instead of people.The joint office platform has been established with courts and financial institutions, realizing the online operation of real estate seizure, mortgage and cancellation registration without any movement.The registration center continues to improve the level of intelligence, improve work efficiency, and further release the reform dividend.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: