Turn defense to offense?Three points?Has Beijing Shougang turned?There’s been a bit of fire lately

2022-05-28 0 By

Scoring triple figures in a game is a common occurrence for many teams.But for Beijing Shougang, there was a time when scoring more than 100 points per game was a big story to be singled out — it averaged only 90.1 points in the first period, including a 78-73 win over Qingdao
It was a masterpiece, but it was particularly in keeping with the way the team drew the score.However, since the second period, Beijing Shougang has suddenly changed its game. While it is not an offensive team, it is a far cry from the team it was two months ago: ranked 12th in the league in scoring (98 points per game) and sixth in assists (26.2 per game).A bigger shift occurred in the 3-point shooting: in the first phase, they played “Ancient basketball” who made 0 of 7 3-pointers in the whole game, ranking the league’s worst with 21 3-point attempts per game;After 13 games in the second period, those numbers have improved to 24.1, 9.4 and 38.9 percent, respectively, with the league currently second in 3-point percentage.It may sound like a change, but there is one thing that has been ridiculed by everyone in Beijing Shougang, which has been deeply rooted and unchanged: slow pressure for 24 seconds!Even though the second period has been creeping up, their 85.2 possessions per game is still the worst in the league (it was 84 in the first period)…Why the change?We must emphasize the key point of 3-point shooting once again: There are three Beijing Shougang players in the top 10 of the league’s 3-point shooting percentage:Zhu yanxi, Gibson and Ramon, who happen to be in a row at no.7, 8 and 9, are shooting 46.8 percent, 46.7 percent and 46.3 percent, respectively, with Gibson averaging the highest percentage of any player in the top 20.Even the much-maligned Jeremy Lin is shooting 39.7 percent of his three-point attempts this season.The projection is not allowed to a lifetime of Liu Xiaoyu 35.6%, in the main hit rate really pull the crotch in fact only Zhai Xiaochuan.The second phase is coming to an end, with about ten games left in the regular season. Do you think Beijing Shougang can maintain its offensive efficiency?