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It is good playing chess inch, black and white board to culture is the crystallization of the Chinese nation culture in order to further improve residents of the masses of the lunar New Year holiday classic culture inheritance, carry forward the essence of amateur life “YiChuan cup” the first seat in 2022 took officially kicked off in sweet overflow area go is the treasure of the Chinese nation traditional culture, is also the home of go was invented in China,It shines with its unique style.Weiqi has far-reaching influence in Putuo and Yichuan, and Putuo District has the reputation of “hometown of Weiqi”. Xiangyi area of Yichuan Road street is also a public welfare punching point for many Weiqi lovers.The scene of weiqi is the opening way of ancient chess, which reflects the cosmological and philosophical views of ancient China.To celebrate the 2022 Lunar New Year, carry forward China’s fine cultural traditions and showcase the splendor of Chinese civilization.Recently, the first Session of 2022 “Yichuan Cup” Sunzi Go Tournament opened in the hall of Yichuan Xiangyi Party and Mass Service Center in Xiangyi district.The competition attracted weiqi masters from various districts of the city and several universities to gather at the activity site and ignite the “flames of war” for weiqi competition.The players, sitting on both sides of the board, provided us with many wonderful games, some with twists and turns, some with desperate attempts to survive.The contestants are immersed in the world of black and white.After two days and eight rounds of competition, Qiu Yuran won the first place with four wins, while Cao Cong, Chen Liang and Wu Banghao respectively won two to four.Now, in Xiangyi area, Weiqi has become a characteristic cultural project, deeply loved by the residents.The “Yichuan Cup” competition will promote the essence of Chinese traditional culture in the community, further guide more residents to pay attention to and participate in the sport, better promote the popularization of Weiqi education, truly achieve the “chess to raise virtue, chess to enlightens wisdom” concept of communication.Reporter: Yichuan Branch of Putuo District Media Center Editor: Wu Xingting Click below to learn more about the God of wealth!Putuo invited you to draw his New Year’s paper!Bearing countless memories, putuo road information “overflowing” the latest price standard!Involving water, electricity, medical care, education…It only takes two seconds to do this, but you can avoid catching a cold @ everyone, Putuo Rong Media invites you to join the “Spring Festival Group chat”