Eat and drink, grow more than!How to break the spell?

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On the third Spring Festival under the epidemic, home quarantine, no visiting, no gathering, is still the normal state of epidemic prevention!Lead to a lot of small partners, eat and drink, in the long meat on the road to not look back!How to break the spell?Shanxi medicinal tea three slimming magic device, scraping oil, dispelling fat, appetizing, let you easily break the magic spell of “fat three jin”.The Spring Festival, how can get a little red!In particular, a touch of red can not grow meat!Shanxi medicinal tea red bean coix seed tea, coix seed, red bean, poria cocos, dandelion, cablin, gardenia seed, long-term drinking, invigorating spleen, dispelling dampness, appetizer weight loss.Pink and tender flower and fruit tea Spring Festival at home hi eat non-stop, flower and fruit tea to help you away from the trouble of long flesh!Rose, goji berries, date slices, red pitaya…99.9% ingredients and original flavor!Floral rich, taste slightly sweet!Decompression, beauty, weight loss…Bernays!Clear and refreshing Lotus leaf tea clear and refreshing rose lotus leaf tea, can be said to be the meat of the Nemesis ~ cassia seed, rose, lotus leaf, panax notoginseng flower, pueraria root, tangerine peel, six drugs combined, thin and laxative, turbidity and fat removal.Eat more, are not afraid of meat upper body!This Spring Festival, Shanxi medicinal tea to accompany you to eat and drink!