In 2006, cousin picked up 100 thousand yuan, the owner refused to return the money, go into the city to work each other is the boss

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Cousin pick up to 100000 yuan in 2006, the owner refused to stay also money, working in the other side is the boss one day in 1994, the day is the weekend, my cousin to ride a motorbike to send their children to the county school, on the way back, it’s a little black, suddenly saw a black bag in the middle of the road had gone too far, he turned back and picked up the bag,Inside was a bundle of money.The greedy cousin rode his motorcycle home at once.At home, he did not tell his cousin that he had picked up the money, but in the cattle pen, counting for a long time with a flashlight, only to know that it was 100,000 yuan.That night, my cousin once in a very long while can’t fall asleep, in the heart of the excitement, but he is also afraid of owner comes, after all their village, also have no a few families, he hid the money in the bull ring roof, back to the room, his wife asked cousin most in the bull ring to do, my cousin just perfunctory said see there is something wrong with cattle, observed.Time passed, cousin did not see the village to strangers, but his face and the past is completely different, every day triumphant appearance, the village people jokingly said: “Liu Jun, this is what windfall?You look so happy.”Cousin is happy, said: “I understand it, in this life, what is your life, do what all can’t change, you see me these forty years old, kind of crops for a lifetime, want to, can only rely on Yang tzu-chung son (cousin) admitted to a college, my life is and was destined to become attached to background, cannot leave the for life.”Say that finish, then took a hoe to walk, the village people also no one care about, after all, in everyone’s mind, Liu Jun is a stubborn temper, in addition to not listen to persuasion, but also like to argue, now can put their life to see understand, is really mature.Cousin’s satisfaction is not only in the face, after ten days did not see the owner to find him, he went to the county again, back with a big TV, usually stingy cousin, the whole village has found his change.My cousin is also very suspicious, my cousin usually so cheap, 24 Village TV since marriage, broken several times, each time in order to save money, is to open in the city to repair home appliances brother-in-law door repair, and also do not give money, this suddenly bought a big color TV, really some abnormal.But my cousin did not dare to ask, after all, every time I asked much, I would be scolded, so I had to enjoy the pleasure of big color TV.Color TV has not used the habit, suddenly the village came to several people, door to door to inquire where Liu Jun’s home, at this time of Liu Jun, is grazing cattle on the edge of the private plot, cigarette in his mouth, humming a song, heard hurried to the cousin sister-in-law, scold asked: “drive to die, how to worry you.”My cousin said that there were several people in the village looking for you by name. My cousin immediately panicked and kept silent for a while, then felt that it was nothing. Who saw him pick up the money?No witness, he is not picked up, as long as he does not admit, the other side also take him no way.My cousin asked anxiously, “Are you doing something wrong outside?What are some big guys doing here?What’s with the color TV?”Hearing his wife’s query, cousin said: “I am not with their own money to buy the color TV, you see the son is going to college, it is the time to buy a home appliance, the old color TV looks so small, we are so young, not four uncle home TV, face can not pass.”Hearing her husband say so, the sister-in-law also expressed understanding.Four uncle home is very poor, but there are three sons, from time to time to give four uncle money, but also bought a big color TV, village people say four uncle life is good, competitive Liu Jun, nature can not see the past.Two people are talking about what a beautiful day in the future, to see a few people on the opposite side of the hillside, sister-in-law some nervous, because never experienced the wind and waves of sister-in-law, see this battle, really in the mind not at ease.A few people less than 20 minutes time then went to cousin in front, bow the person to cousin ask a way: “are you Liu Jun?”Cousin say: “I am Liu Jun, have what matter.”The other side said bluntly:”I heard that you pick up to 100000 yuan, if found, back to me, I am a small contractor in the city, waiting to take the money to pay, ask for a month, do people say that see you ride a motorcycle come back from the city, just your route is the route I lost money, if you see, just give me 80000 yuan, 20000 yuan a reward for you.”Cousin heard this, moved, but he immediately thought of his mind just now, said: “THAT day I sent my son to school, the sky is not early, the motorcycle lamp is not good, rushed back, did not see the money.”The other party asked several times is this result, also did not say what, angrily walked.The second year, the cousin’s son was admitted to the university, the couple in order to earn tuition for their son, decided to work in the city, but from beginning to end, the 100,000 yuan never mentioned to the cousin sister-in-law, home to the fourth uncle, the couple went to the county, rented a small house, began their own work.After the introduction of friends in the neighboring village, my cousin came to a construction site, because before did not work, do what things need workers to help, but just a week, because accidentally, my cousin’s arm was bruised, had to temporarily put down the work, ready to go back to the rental house to recover.But these days pay must be paid, and there are medical bills, he finally found the foreman.Can just enter the door, see a familiar face, this is not the original to the village for money that foreman?This thought foreman will be difficult for him, but the other side is very readily gave him the wages, back to the 3000 yuan of medical expenses, back home, cousin was very upset.People are meat long, the contractor is so kind, and he is a money-hungry person, but he is still reluctant to pick up 100,000 yuan of money to tell his cousin.After the injury on the cousin’s arm, he took his cousin’s sister-in-law to work in the provincial capital and rarely returned to the village from then on.But the village people also guess, this money must be cousin picked up, because of his smug appearance, or the village people for the first time to see, and he picked up the money time, almost consistent, of course, the village people talk, say what all have, but how?Cousins don’t come home, and they don’t hear it.