“Perfect World Mobile Game” creates the first set of tujia fashion with the theme of “Tujia Brocade”

2022-05-29 0 By

With the theme of “Tujia Brocade”, an intangible cultural heritage of Zhangjiajie, “Perfect World Mobile Game” creates the first set of tujia fashion.The Tujia people in Zhangjiajie inherit the folk culture of “Tujia brocade”.Among the Tujia people, tujia brocade is an indispensable keepsake or sacred object in daily life.It has a very special and sacred meaning.It has absorbed the cultural factors of various ethnic groups and carried forward the diversified ethnic characteristics in the process of development.Under the inspiration of this traditional folk culture, the design team will be plain, twill and satin on behalf of the design of the national characteristics and the significance of the totem fully integrated into the design of beautiful, and by using the cotton thread color of tujia brocade classic “red and black” as the fashion color, both the classic “menstruation broken weft” technique, combined with modern fashion elements at the same time, designed the tujia conjoined fashion.Not only that, the subsequent “Perfect World” tour will also open the most familiar practitioner map through tujia brocade, and further integrate with “Tujia culture”, so that thousands of practitioners can feel the beauty and charm of “Tujia culture” more personally.