The meta-universe is just a cloak for future technological evolution

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Sitting around singing in a virtual space is no longer a fantasy.Party On, the world’s first music meta-universe app, has been officially launched. Users can enter virtual space through XR devices and enjoy karaoke, concerts and parties with anyone with a unique identity and image.Online karaoke in the past, people can undertake duet by video link, but can’t fully understand the offline karaoke atmosphere of feeling, but now, in the yuan universe created a virtual world, wear XR devices can realize more vivid karaoke scene, have rich expressions and body movements spectators, also have echoed around in the whole song, very real.This is the metasverse, and more specifically, extended reality, digital simulation, artificial intelligence, and more.In the recent Tencent Science and Technology Innovation Week, Si Xiao, president of Tencent Research Institute, proposed that realization of “telepresence” is one of the important evolution directions of the meta-universe when talking about it. The meta-universe itself is a trend of progressive development of technology, and it is the technology set of the next generation Internet.The sense of presence here is essentially what the meta-universe basket technology has created for the Internet world.In fact, technology has been reshaping our Internet world. Bandwidth and location technologies in the last two decades, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing in the last decade, and extended reality, holograms and other technologies are making the real world more efficient and flexible.The Internet was born, as its name suggests, to connect, to break the time and space limits of information exchange.By now, global connectivity has been realized, and the 0-100 process has been completed. In this process, there are three kinds of technologies that drive the fullness of the traditional Internet world and stimulate continuous qualitative changes in the efficiency of production and life.The first is network-bandwidth technologies, such as 100-megabit broadband for the home, which have created the foundation for the Internet’s information explosion.The second category is wireless transmission technologies, such as 4G and 5G, which lay a solid foundation for the widespread application of mobile Internet.The third category is positioning technology, such as GPS positioning, electronic navigation, they provide the Internet world with very stable dynamic interaction capabilities.The efficiency contribution of these three technologies can be seen in three ways.One is to subvert the interaction mode and bring people to the era of free point-to-point unlimited information flow, which improves the initiative of interaction.Taking social scenarios as an example, online interaction has two advantages compared with offline interaction. One is that more information can be exchanged within the same period of time, because the information is immediately accessible; the other is that one-to-many interaction can be realized regardless of location and state at the same time.Secondly, the degree of tolerance of information media has increased, with richer forms of emotion and emotion expression and more three-dimensional interaction.In the early stage, text dominated the information media, then pictures, and then video and live broadcast. Now live broadcast and short video have become the mainstream information media, because these media can deliver more real emotions and enhance communication efficiency.Moreover, it gives people and tools more precise navigation capabilities, making great contributions to the prosperity of dynamic interactive scenes.Taking the online car hailing industry as an example, the high precision of automobile navigation and mobile navigation greatly reduces the service difficulty of the industry, while the ability of multi-route planning greatly reduces the risk of route error and shortens the service time.It can be seen that the technological evolution of the traditional Internet world has a unified direction, that is, the all-round improvement of efficiency. As Si Xiao believes, this is a process from “offline” to “online”, which is the liberation and breakthrough of Internet technology to efficiency.Do the rise of extended reality, digital bionics and artificial intelligence prove that traditional Internet technology is no longer important?Today’s Internet is fast enough and getting faster, but our interactions and information transmission have become less obvious about this perception. So the next step in technology is to enhance the perception of the Internet world and bring more realistic experiences to all kinds of scenes.The basket of technologies involved in the meta-universe mainly fall into two categories: one is to construct realistic virtual worlds or integrate virtual worlds with real worlds, such as virtual reality, holographic technology and perceptual interaction; the other is to provide data and computing power support, such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing.At present, these two types of technologies enhance the experience of the Internet world through three dimensions.First, upgrade the interactive sensory dimension and improve the real level of virtual space.Here in VR devices, for example, the early building of virtual space has the visual and auditory only the interaction of the senses, through parcel brings immersive visual, touch, smell of later technology to achieve the interaction of the senses such as join, to strengthen the interactive realism within the virtual space, contact the hug, people and things have a real sensory feedback.Second, duplicate physical senses and abilities to achieve remote physical presence.Robot dog is a typical product precision of bionics and artificial intelligence, robot dog is limited by early mechanical ability limit, cannot do difficult moves, but the depth of the through continuous learning, the robot dog can perform a task in many complex scenes, human can remote scene by machine dog visual ability of exploration.Third, digital restoration of the scene, enhance the ability to visualize.At present, some enterprises have created digital factories. With the help of digital twin capability, factories can realize real-time and dynamic visualization management in the whole process. In the future, with the enhancement of the mirroring degree of digital scenes and real scenes, digital scenes can even preview future production conditions for real scenes in advance.It is not hard to see that the future direction of Internet technology is to pursue authenticity, because authenticity brings the most authentic experience.Just as Si Xiao explained the concept of “presence”, he believed that presence is a state of real-time synchronization between space and time, subject and object, id and other.Why will the next generation of technologies represented by XR and AI rise and become the leading role in the current technological evolution?The answer is simple, because these technologies, in pursuit of authenticity, in pursuit of experiential characteristics, are far more valuable to the production and living of the real world than imagined, and they may take human society to the next rung of the ladder and start another zero-to-one process.As Sixiao puts it, “they can eventually be translated into real productivity, further changing our way of production and life.”These technologies pursue the reproduction and simulation of the real world, bringing a sense of presence with multi-layer realistic value.In industries where people and machines are highly synergistic, the most advanced mode of work is the large-scale control of machines by one person, which greatly improves production efficiency. With the addition of the next generation of technology, the relationship between the two is further evolving.Taking 5G remote mining as an example, based on driverless driving, vehicle-road cooperation, 5G and other technologies, machine operators can control any machine thousands of miles away from the synchronous control console built indoors.This is a reversal of the traditional man-car production method, which is not limited by time and space, can significantly improve production efficiency, while greatly improving the safety of workers working environment.At present, the way humans interact with various terminals of life, such as mobile phones and cars, has been fixed, but the application of the next generation of technology, by extending the capabilities of devices, is leading to a new interaction logic.Self-driving cars, for example, rely on high precision technology, such as maps, spatial orientation, deep learning a few cars can already in the parking, overtaking, high-speed driving highly liberation daily scenario such as drivers, coupled with intelligent car, snatched degree of ascension, the future relationship between man and car is no longer the entire journey control, the car will be a mobile entertainment cockpit,Will also become an important productivity scenario.In the face of earth’s grim environment, humans have long been exploring outer space in search of possible habitable planets.Previous countries have simulated the Martian environment to establish living space to verify the possibility of human habitation, and some enterprises try to use digital simulation to restore the landscape of other planets.With the help of probes, holograms, digital twinning, satellite communications and other technologies, we may be able to simulate the environment of other planets in real time from Earth, and deduce factors based on artificial intelligence, so as to find the best solution for human survival.The technical direction is consistent back to the concept of the metagverse, which today we are ostensibly talking about but really a basket of future technologies, and which is just the latest layer of technological evolution.Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict how far these technologies will go in the future. As Si Xiao says, “Technology has its own pace of development and application.”Fortunately, the application of technology is honest. Although there is a big gap between the application logic of old technology and new technology in the history of technological evolution in the Internet world, the original intention of both technologies is to serve people and society, and both are in pursuit of the infinite improvement of efficiency and experience.Through the implementation of new technologies in various production and life scenes, as well as the changes brought to us, we find that the direction of technological evolution is unified, from the emphasis on efficiency in the past to the emphasis on experience, reality and presence now.Therefore, even if the concepts in front of us today are not meta-universes but other concepts, AI, XR, digital simulation, these technologies will not change, and the evolution direction of these technologies will not change.With longer time, these next-generation technologies, which bring the sense of presence to the Internet world and make interaction present, will surely create a surreal interactive future with no boundary between reality and reality for all mankind under the continuous evolution and application.Kuang Liu is a Forbes China contributor and the views expressed are his own.Public ID: Liukuang110