New Delhi: Batie has ordered 36 J-10CE fighter jets for suspected delivery, designed to fight The “foam-powered” Rafale fighter jets

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As early as the end of 2021, the news about whether Pakistan Iron and Steel will purchase Chinese J-10CE fighter jets was publicly confirmed by the Pakistani Interior Minister: “In the National Day parade celebration in mid-March 2022, a formation of 25 J-10CE fighters will fly over the parade celebration”.Although the news is viewed with skepticism, it is also because the acquisition of THE J-10C fighter jet has been rumored for several years, and the initial announcement of the acquisition of Chinese VT4 and 054AP missile frigates was made by Batie first.Therefore, we cannot completely disbelieve or believe whether Pakistan iron and Steel is really purchasing J-10CE fighter jets. After all, it only takes less than half a year from the announcement to the 2022 National Day parade.But to my surprise, two months after the news was made public, Chinese and foreign websites already showed pictures of THE J-10CE fighter jet with the Bade air Force badge in test flight training.Slide from the ground state of the j10 ce fighter, it’s obvious to see the although the j10 ce fighter jet machine painting style and annihilates 10 c in active service in our country is very similar, but this kind of standard grey coating iron air force is the active service aircraft fuselage painting style, so only can distinguish only on the vertical tail to keep the air force insignia of iron.However, based on the larger photos published on domestic and foreign websites, this is a “real” J-10CE fighter jet of The Batie Air Force. Since the background of the J-10CE fighter jet appeared in a foreign country, it is likely to be a Batie air force base.Meanwhile, the J-10CE is apparently powered by China’s indigenous turbofan 10B engine, which means it is a brand new aircraft rather than a resold j-10C from the air Force’s current fleet.Due to the limitation of military budget, Batie is very fond of J-10 fighter jets. However, due to the limitation of lack of money, Batie has no choice but to increase the number of domestic JF-17 fighter jets and import second-hand F16C/D fighter jets to make up for the lack of advanced fighter jets in the Air Force.However, with the outbreak of the India-Pakistan conflict in 2020, Batie began to realize the deficiency and huge gap in its equipment strength. Especially after the end of the india-Pakistan conflict, Rafale fighter jets ordered by India on the south Coast began to be delivered. Rafale fighter jets have strong external capability and maneuverability advantages.As a result, the jF-17 and F16 fighter jets that Batie was equipped with at that time began to have gaps that it could not cope with. Therefore, for Batie, it is extremely urgent to purchase a batch of advanced fighter jets with stronger air combat capability than Rafale fighter jets and capable of both ground and sea attacks.Therefore, in 2021, Batie finally decided to order 36 J-10CE fighter jets from China. For Batie, the joining of these J-10CE fighter jets is not only a huge advantage of equipped with advanced fighter jets, but also a huge advantage of improving its air interception operations.Because THE J-10CE fighter itself is an air superiority fighter that is naturally good at space combat, so for Batie, the entry of J-10CE fighter can not only improve the air combat capability of Batie Air Force, but also enhance the overall offensive and defensive strength of Batie Air Force.For example, after the J-10CE fighter jet was renamed j-10CP by Pakistan, the primary opponent is the Rafale fighter jet of India in the south Coast. Although the J-10CE fighter jet has a slight gap in the maximum takeoff weight and external points, it is absolutely no problem to “defeat” the Rafale fighter in other aspects.Because from the aerodynamic layout of THE J-10CE and Rafale fighter jets, the two fighter jets adopt the canard aerodynamic layout, but the Rafale fighter jet adopts the short-range coupling design, the existence of the biggest advantage and function of the canard wing is to give the main wing more lift characteristics, while taking into account certain maneuverability improvement.In contrast, the design of the canard of THE J-10 fighter jet did not use the short-range coupling design of the Rafale fighter jet, nor did it use the far-range coupling design of the Typhoon fighter jet, but combined with the advantages of both sides, the canard adopted the mid-range coupling design.The biggest advantage of this design is that the canard of THE J-10 fighter can not only increase the lift of the main wing, but also provide a greater pitching moment from the distance of the main wing, enhancing the j-10 fighter’s super mobile combat performance.In addition, although the Rafale fighter is a twin-engine, the J-10CE is a single-engine design, but the Rafale fighter uses only two medium-thrust engines with only 9.3 tons of afterburner thrust;The J-10CE uses a turbofan 10B engine with 14 tons of afterburner thrust and 10 tons of military thrust.Rafale dual-engine design makes its total thrust is much larger than the single engine of THE J-10CE, and then the maximum takeoff weight is also much larger, but the biggest disadvantage of medium thrust compared with the single engine big push is not only the gap in thrust, but also the acceleration is much worse, that is to say, they are used in air combat, super mobile combat.The more accelerated J-10CE is much better than the Rafale in both instantaneous hover Angle and agility, not to mention the advantages of the aerodynamic layout of the J-10CE.Second, the more it is worth mentioning that with the advanced fighter integrated combat strength is more and more strong, to rely on advanced avionics system become more and more big, such as whether the airborne active phased array radar, the radar’s largest number of empty detection range, multi-objective and locking, low detect whether the mode can be done using photoelectric search device airspace enemy detection, etc.It is a direct measure of the warplane battlefield information perception ability.In this respect, thanks to the equipment and service of THE J-20 stealth fighter, CAC has also adopted very advanced avionics equipment on the J-10C fighter. For example, the cockpit display system of the PREVIOUS J-10A has been changed from a refraction flat display + three times to a more advanced diffraction flat display + large size three screen design.The j10 ce aircraft also change our country the latest development of the airborne active phased array radar, make its maximum detection range from 120 km to 170 km, and the j10 c aircraft is in the front windshield, can install hidden mode search the infrared electric device, further promoted the j10 c aircraft battlefield information awareness.In contrast, rafale jets, though, when viewed from the outside public rafale jets and phased array radar and photoelectric search device, but the use of phased array radar antenna array area is small, not only to detect distance is short, but also old passive work mode, whether in the maximum detection range, or more target ability, can’t and avionics contrast and annihilates 10 c.What is more surprising is that the Rafale is also equipped with a complex electro-optical search device in front of the cockpit windshield, but earlier news has revealed that the so-called advanced electro-optical search device of the Rafale is “actually made of fake foam”.In addition, THE J-10CE fighter jet can launch the pili 10E infrared combat bomb and pili 15 ultra-long range air missile, the former as the standard of the J-20 stealth fighter, the maximum range is more than 20 kilometers, the maximum flight speed is more than Mach 4, the maximum maneuver overload is close to 60G,Better than the AIM9X infrared combat bomb that the US F22 stealth fighter is equipped with.And the latter as China’s latest development of long-range air-to-air missile, its first use of the world’s advanced double pulse solid engine, greatly increase the range at the same time, the missile size and weight did not increase, but also make its maximum range is said to reach more than 200 km.To know the dual-pulse solid rocket engine technology, but the United States as early as 20 years ago for F22 and F35 stealth fighter missile power development, but 20 years passed the West has not bright, but the East is bright earlier.What are the missiles the Rafale is armed with?Rafale jets of the standard system to air missile is micah series infrared combat play and radar guided missile in the distance, two common projectile design of different types of missile in the air, although the missile adopted in consideration of cost reduction can replace the seeker and vector engine, at the same time satisfy the distance in close combat and combat effectiveness of the intercept.However, Mika missile is no match in front of pil-10E. In addition to more than ten years of technological generation difference, there is also mika infrared combat projectile with a maximum range of 20 km, and radar guidance version with a stronger thrust solid rocket engine, the maximum range of 60 km, but in comparison,With a maneuverable overload of up to 60G, it is impossible for any fighter to escape being shot down;The maximum range of the Pil-15 is more than three times that of the Mika radar-guided version.It is conceivable that after the J-10CE is installed in the Pakistan Air Force, the 36 Rafales purchased by India at a high price will likely become the most unprofitable arms purchase in the history of Indian military procurement.