Authority letters | xi will attend the opening ceremonies of the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing and held a series of foreign affairs

2022-05-31 0 By

Source: xinhua’s official account HuaChunYing, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on January 28th: President xi jinping on February 4 to 6, attend the opening ceremonies of the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing, for coming to China to attend the opening ceremony of the foreign heads of state, heads of government, members of the royal family, and held a welcome banquet, head of the international organizations, and the bilateral activities.International dignitaries attending the opening ceremony of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and related activities are as follows:Russian President vladimir putin, President of the Cambodian king norodom sihamoni, Singapore halle, President of kazakhstan tokayev, President Mr. Matteo paro, kyrgyzstan, tajikistan President emomali rakhmon, turkmenistan President don’t madoff, the plum, an uzbek President mill around, and Egyptian President ceci, Saudi crown prince Mohammed, the emir of Qatar mihm,The united Arab emirates, ABU dhabi crown prince Mohammed polish President duda, Serbia’s President, archduke Henry wu qi qi, Luxembourg, Monaco prince Albert ii, Argentina’s President fernandez, Ecuador’s President, prime minister of Mongolia lasso the cloud oyunchimeg erdene, Pakistan’s prime minister, imran khan, bosnia and herzegovina secretary, chairman of the gale tia, Papua New Guinea’s prime minister, marla,South Korea’s parliament speaker PiaoBingXi, azerbaijan, deputy prime minister, with their madoff, Thai princess sirindhorn, and Bach, chairman of the international Olympic committee (ioc), the UN secretary-general, guterres, chairman of the general assembly, shahid, director-general of the world health organization tam kung plug, the world intellectual property organization director-general Deng Hongsen, new development bank, about, secretary-general of Shanghai cooperation organization (sco) zhang Ming, etc.