Autumn car maintenance tips

2022-05-31 0 By

Cars, like people, experience the seasons.People usually increase or decrease their clothing according to the seasonal weather.So love car maintenance, in addition to conventional maintenance, in fact, in different seasons, but also have their own special maintenance, care.Today, let’s look at the maintenance and maintenance of the car in autumn. What should we pay special attention to?If there are scratches on the body, the owner should do spray painting as soon as possible.Because autumn morning, dew is more, the surface of the car is often very wet, if there are obvious scratches on the surface of the body, it should be done in time to spray paint, so as to avoid scratches and rust.First of all, car owners can fully clean the car chassis, tire ribs, front and rear lights, bumpers, window and window glass and other external parts.In addition, it is necessary to observe whether there are scratches on the body. Many owners in the road trip, because they are not familiar with the road surface or some road conditions are poor, it may lead to obvious scratches and dents outside the vehicle, especially in the front bumper position.In case of a collision, the car is mainly timely paint processing.Secondly, the owner can recall whether the chassis has been scratched in the driving process, and whether there are obvious changes before and after the car vacation.If the chassis abnormal sound, steering wheel jitter, vehicle parking position oil stains and other phenomena, it shows that the chassis has been damaged.In this case, it is recommended to open the car to 4S shop to do professional chassis rust care or spray paint, do a chassis armor to avoid leaving trouble.In addition, owners can check the tires themselves.Tires are the only part of the vehicle that touches the ground, so injuries are more likely.The owner can check whether the tire has obvious trauma, scratch.If there are obvious scars on the tire side, it is best to replace them, because the tire side wall is thin and the pressure is limited, the chance of scars and tires will greatly increase.After autumn, it is suggested that the owner should often check the oil, brake oil and antifreeze in the engine compartment, to see whether the oil is sufficient, whether deterioration, whether to replace the cycle.If the oil reaches the replacement cycle, it must be replaced to ensure smooth oil circulation.