“Boyfriend Pawn shop” the latest stills exposed, Fan Chengcheng carrying Blue Ying Ying, CP feeling burst

2022-05-31 0 By

The latest stills of “Boyfriend Pawn Shop” come, fan Chengcheng carries LAN Yingying and looks up together, the picture is sweet, CP feeling is overflowing!To tell the truth, LAN Ying Ying is really a versatile actress, whether “The Birth of an Actor” partner Ling Xiao Yan, or “Elite Lawyer” partner Jin Dong, or with Yang Xuwen, Niu Junfeng cooperation, give people a sense of inexplicable CP, this time with the more fresh and tender Fan Chengcheng play sister brother love CP.Jade-like stone, in the end, it is a blue company level is good in appearance, his range is very broad, and to be able to do all kinds of characters, second, jade-like stone blue company acting, workplace white-collar, a not-so-rich, a lawyer can take hold, and understanding of the role is very clear, every character portrayed four-line, successively get eternal song dan-dan famous, zhang ziyi, zhang guoli, affix one’s seal.In addition, Blue ying Ying is very spell.This point can be seen from her participation in “Sister who Rides the Wind and waves”, in order to achieve the goal, no matter what means, several times let the Buddhas teammate Wu Xin collapse to tears.Of course, from “the birth of actor” reverse attack turn red, to “the elder sister that ride wind and waves” popularity soar, blue ying Ying still poor the explosion money play on a true sense, so, “boyfriend pawn line” can become explosion money?