Epidemic Prevention in Tongnan Community during Spring Festival

2022-05-31 0 By

During the Spring Festival, community workers in Tongnan stick to the community grid and important nodes, implement the regulations on health management of people returning from Tong, strengthen publicity and guidance on epidemic prevention and control, and ensure that residents in the area feel at ease during the holiday.”Hello, I’m returning to Tongnan from Ziyun, Anshun, Guizhou, to report to the community.”Early in the morning of February 4th, Chen Kaiying, who had just returned to Tongnan from Ziyun, Anshun, Guizhou, hurried to Longtan Community, Guilin street, to report his itinerary.”Ok, Auntie, please show your health code first, and we will register you. According to relevant regulations of epidemic prevention and control, low-risk areas also need nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours, and at the same time, do your own health monitoring…”It is reported that there are 9,156 households in longtan community district with a total registered population of 32,585. During the Spring Festival, the flow of people increases, raising the risk of importation and transmission of the epidemic.”Community is the basis of the epidemic prevention and control of defense” longtan community, deputy party secretary Luo Zhongcheng introduction, during the Spring Festival, adhere to the 24-hour duty system, community need arrange three people every day more personnel, through community report posted qr code, chongqing foreign Tong returned Tong personnel told book, in the community group, the owner of forwarding the epidemic prevention and control of related knowledge,Strictly carry out the investigation, control and service of returning personnel, and grasp the information of returning personnel as soon as possible.Community, also take advantage of the grid management, use the way of working, such as visiting household, calls to “without missing a person, not a home” as the goal, went from door to floor screen, ask relatives have returned home, and one by one to establish MoPai parameter, timely grasp and send the notice on the dynamic change of community residents, signed a cooperation management, nucleic acid detection and pledge that occupy the home,Assist medical staff to conduct nucleic acid tests at home.We also know the physical condition and living needs of home observers in a timely manner through wechat and telephone, and provide services such as delivering vegetables, fruits and other daily necessities, taking body temperature, and eliminating diseases in front of doors.During the Spring Festival, the community also actively organized volunteers to patiently guide citizens in supermarkets and other key places to show their health codes and place codes, and urged customers who did not wear masks to wear masks.Wearing masks and red vests, volunteers walked through key places such as supermarkets and hotels, reminding visitors to wear masks and pay attention to their own protection, and handing out masks for free to those who did not wear masks, which became a beautiful scene.