Strict conscription and physical examination to help realize the dream of a strong army

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From January 25 to 28, towns in Liujiang district, Liuzhou City, Guangxi province began to organize young conscripts for physical examination.Liujiang river area for youth queue up waiting for a medical “conscription examination work is important, in relation to national defense and army building, to build a world-class forces play an important role, to safeguard and service good conscription work is the important responsibility of the military service organs and relevant departments at all levels, we must strictly the examination standard, to ensure to forces are physical quality excellent youth,To help realize the dream of a strong army.”Colonel Tian Guobing, head of the Liujiang District Human Forces Department, who supervised the physical examination of conscripts in Labao town, Liujiang District, stressed on the same day.In order to effectively conscript the first pass of physical examination, to ensure that high-quality young people will be transported to the army, Liujiang district 500 young people into the initial examination stage, to accept vision, ent, internal medicine, surgery and other health indicators of the examination, the staff is tightly organized, the young applicants actively cooperate, the initial examination of spring conscription in an orderly way.Liujiang river area the peoples armed minister check guides the work of conscription examination liujiang river area at the beginning of the draft inspection since January 25, continue to 28, a total of four days, total inspection strictly in accordance with the standards and requirements of the epidemic prevention and control, use the conscription examination system implements the “one-stop” work style, enclosed physical examination, strictly according to the conscription examination standard locked good physical examination, ensure the high quality, high standards of qualified personnel to the forces.”I am a college student and it has always been my dream to be a soldier.In particular, seeing the advanced deeds of heroic officers and soldiers from the news media has strengthened my ideal and belief of serving the country.If I can join the army smoothly this year, I will certainly listen to the party’s advice and follow the Party in the army, practice my ability to kill enemies, and contribute all my strength to the great cause of a strong army!””Said Wei Xiaodong, a senior from Liuzhou City Vocational College.It is understood that the recruitment of young people of the appropriate age in Liujiang District is enthusiastic after the full launch of the recruitment in spring 2022.In order to select more outstanding young people, Liujiang District conscription office adopts the way of “online + offline” combination, creating a strong social atmosphere of “one soldier, the whole family is glorious”.Online, the publicity of conscription policies and regulations has been intensified by opening columns on the Media platform of Liujiang District, rolling conscription information and public service advertisements, and forwarding through wechat groups.Offline through hanging propaganda slogans, Posting propaganda posters, recruiting vehicles in various forms of publicity in towns and villages, door-to-door “two meet”, conscription seminars, so as to achieve online heat, offline temperature, truly achieve comprehensive mobilization, full coverage, the attention of the whole people.As of January 28, liujiang district registered for the recruitment of more than 600 young people of the appropriate age, into the preliminary examination of more than 500 people, including nearly 300 college graduates, recruitment work is in an orderly manner.(OUFEI) source: National Defense Times editor: twelve editor: Zhu Hai link: National Defense Times news center