The lakers desperately needed a win to snap a losing streak, and with Adu Irving unavailable, Harden could prove himself

2022-05-31 0 By

Lakers away against the Nets, will be the nets blow up!Harden can lead the team to prove his level, I season lakers and nets for the second meeting, the deer is not certain.The Lakers, unable to play without the nets’ two core players, can’t tackle the bearded Harden.If they continue to lose, the lakers’ playoff run will be completely over. Vogel, Westbrook, Tucker, Howard, etc., will be traded quickly.Lakers star Davis may return, but the Nets without Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, making the Lakers the dominant side.Both teams have been somewhat disappointing since the start of the new season.The Lakers, in particular, were reduced to fighting for a playoff ticket.The Nets, though still second in the East, failed to show the power of the “Big Three”.Understaffing is the biggest problem for both sides.The Nets are without Durant, and Irving can’t play at home