A man is complained by his wife after drinking, in order to prove that he is not drunk to play drunk boxing, what do you think of this matter

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Recently in Fuyang, Anhui province, there happened a matter that makes people laugh and cry.A man who was complained by his wife after drinking alcohol, in order to prove that he is sober, played drunk boxing outside the house!The man flips around in the yard, punches drunk and says’ I’m not drunk, I’m not drunk, I’m not drunk! ‘A set of moves to make everyone dumbfounded!When the last movement slowly fell back, two men immediately came to help him up and said, brother, go into the house to sleep!It was shocking to see a man perform a drunken punch to prove to his wife that he was not drunk.Maybe he’s not really drunk, but he’s drunk a little too much, not to the point of confusion and disrecognition.But the big New Year’s drink also have a certain amount, how much to drink on the line, don’t say New Year’s day is too much to drink, is not good for the body!Net friend said, hit a set of “drunk boxing” tomorrow up estimate all over pain, suspect after getting drunk is not hit by his wife!You’re probably gonna get a few hours of sleep!Wake up may not know that they also played a set of boxing, I guess watching the video will be very embarrassed!Like to drink, is to drink a corn porridge to drink small wine, wine is really can not drink more, some people drink is really drink dead!An old home has a person to be addicted to wine to be like life, he is to drink a corn porridge to be about to drink the person of mouth wine, too love to drink, do not pay attention to the body, drink life did not have!The doctor said alcohol should not be drunk, the alcohol in wine is an organic solvent, it can make the digestive tract blood vessels dilate, and dissolve the mucin on the mucosal surface of the digestive tract, so that carcinogens are easily absorbed by the human body.Drink in moderation.Because excessive drinking of liquor can cause fatty liver, alcoholic liver, and even cause cirrhosis, it is harmful to the body, so excessive drinking is not allowed.If drinking alcohol for a long time, it is easy to cause high blood pressure or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so drink moderately.Drinking to control the amount, drinking less is good for the body, a small amount of drinking on the body has the role of health care huoxue cold.How do you stop drinking?If the body itself is not good still want to drink to think about drinking to their own physical harm, psychological resistance to drinking.The other asks his family to supervise him not to drink, and if he drinks secretly, he must realize his mistake and let his family punish him!Control their own not on the wine table, tell friends not to eat dinner call themselves, said to do is responsible for their own health!