Alien red envelope cover into a new business “monthly millions”?Wechat official: to buy is a scam

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During Spring Festival, the annual activity of “giving red envelopes” among friends, relatives, colleagues and classmates has become popular on wechat.And a good-looking wechat red envelope cover, always can make their red envelopes appear more distinctive.So this Spring Festival, social media has been filled with colorful red envelope covers.Correspondingly, “crazy snatching” the cover of red envelopes has also become a new trend.The cover of the red envelope is even more difficult to grab than the red envelope during the Spring Festival of 2022.In order to facilitate users to grab the cover of the red envelope, wechat also specially launched a small program named “red envelope cover alarm clock”.”I spent the whole afternoon grabbing more than 20 red envelope covers, and I’m not far away from collecting 100 of them!””Said Xiao Lei, a post-00s male student.He describes himself as a “big fan of red envelope covers” and is addicted to grabbing red envelope covers on his phone every day.”I’ve grabbed so many red envelopes, but think about how many red envelopes I can give away,” he joked to Caijing World weekly.Young people like Xiao Lei are not the only ones keen on grabbing red envelope covers.On social media, the # wechat Red envelope cover # Weibo topic has been read 1.35 billion times and discussed 529,000 times. The # wechat red envelope cover serial number has also been read 330 million times, which shows the enthusiasm of users.On douban’s wechat Red envelope discussion group, more than 2,000 people gathered just to get a nice, meaningful red envelope cover.Data showed that more than 140 million people received red envelopes sent with the cover of the special-shaped red envelope on New Year’s Eve (from 18:00 on Jan 31 to 6:00 on Feb 1).Some people by selling it into a million a month official tip: to buy wechat red envelope cover are fraud under the high popularity, red envelope cover has also become a brand business marketing tool.It is reported that wechat red envelope covers only charge 1 yuan for each red envelope cover maker, and there is no charge for the recipients of red envelope covers, so the red envelope covers of major brands are basically released in limited quantities.According to official data from wechat’s Soyso assistant, 17 brands issued 2.26 million red envelope covers through Soyso from December 24 to 27, 2021, attracting a total of about 18 million searches.During the activity week, the average daily brand traffic increased by 188 times week on week, and the average daily search volume of each participating brand was 328,000.Seven days after the event, the average daily flow increased 26 times and the highest increase was 205 times. The flow effect lasted for a long time.On the other side, however, some businesses have found “grey” business opportunities.According to media reports, a shopping website shows that the best-selling wechat red envelope cover is selling more than 50,000 copies a month, with the cover selling for up to 18.8 yuan.That means the store can earn nearly one million yuan a month just by selling wechat red envelope covers.Not only that, this kind of goods link in the details page often play “edge ball”, for example, there are shops in the details page, write to buy emoticon package free wechat red envelope cover, the shop does not sell any cover.On display, however, are hundreds of red envelope styles, including New Year’s eve, fireworks, selected items and couples.At the same time, the comments of these products are also about the cover of the red envelope.In addition, it is also worth noting that when buying the cover of the red envelope, you may be deceived if you are not careful.On the evening of January 19, the official wechat “Coral Content Security Assistant” posted a warning that many netizens have been cheated when buying red envelope covers recently.The swindler pretended that he had a large number of red envelope serial numbers for sale, inexpensive pricing, variety N.When someone came to inquire, the swindler would sell at a price ranging from a few dollars to tens of dollars.At the same time, scammers will bypass the platform and claim that the serial number is a virtual goods, and the buyer must pay first.When they receive the money, the scammers send fake serial numbers or block them altogether.Wechat official: not in any form to charge users for the chaos behind the cover of the red envelope, wechat official has previously issued a prompt announcement that the cover of the wechat red envelope is launched by wechat, for customizing and purchasing the cover of the wechat red envelope, free of charge to users for a creative product.Since its launch, wechat has clearly stipulated that the customized party shall not charge users any fees in any form because of the cover of wechat red envelope.For such behavior of selling wechat red envelope covers to users for compensation, wechat will deal with the following: For customized accounts involved in such violations, the approved wechat red envelope covers will be removed from the shelves, the received red envelope covers will not be able to continue to use, and the unissued wechat red envelope covers will not be able to continue to issue;And such customization party will not be able to customize any red envelope cover through wechat red envelope open platform within one month.Sources: China Securities Journal, Caijing Tianxia Weekly, wechat Coral Safety, China Fund News, etc