Beijing Benz EQE application drawing is coming!Sneak peek!

2022-06-01 0 By

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website recently surprised a lot, Beijing Benz EQE deserved to rank the first.Mercedes-benz EQE itself is a car that attracts a lot of attention. After all, Mercedes-benz has faced a lot of controversies when it turned around. Mercedes-benz EQE is a typical car that started.From the pictures published so far, the domestic version of Benz EQE will be the same as the overseas version of the design, the closed grille is its typical features, and the headlights and the front grille will form an integral, from the modeling looks and any current fuel version of Benz models have a significant difference.The side Benz EQE has a more obvious double waist line design, continuing the elegant style of Mercedes-benz models. The duckling tail is a popular sport modeling element at present. At the same time, this car is also equipped with a through-through LED lamp set, with a vertical layout inside the lamp cavity.In terms of key dimensions, the data of the new car are 4969/196/1509mm in length, width and height, and 3120mm in wheelbase. Purely from the perspective of parameters, it conforms to Chinese consumers’ sense of atmosphere of a car.The interior of the car will continue the new thinking of Mercedes in the era of new energy vehicles, with three large screens replacing almost all of the physical buttons. It has a sci-fi feel, and the Hyperscreen ultra-connected screen adopts curved OLED technology, which provides overall clarity and response speed.We are concerned about another point has been answered this time, that is whether the domestic version has been lengthened.According to the current information, the domestic version will keep the same wheelbase parameters as the overseas version, without special lengthening. I think it may be because the space itself is relatively sufficient.In addition, in accordance with the Mercedes-benz style, there will be a large number of additional options, including front/rear bumper, front grille, door and window trim strips, side skirts, headlights, rear view mirrors, logo, ridersall can be adjusted according to the individual style.In terms of endurance, we are concerned about the possible range of 600km according to previous information.Overseas edition Picture Overseas edition picture overseas edition picture overseas edition picture