Five male main Angle of view, dandyish change champion, with his big dream, make her bright future

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Five male master of the perspective of the article recommended, dedicated to reading like book friends!And look at the following male protagonists, how to work hard in career, in love loyalty!The first book: Inheriting the Museum at the Beginning author: Spring Creek Dixiao brief comments:Men is the richest man lost grandson, fair from childhood, parents teach clever clever, who bring a system to upgrade the museum, and grandpa endeavoured, he inherited a rundown museum, under the system of auxiliary, he by various scholars in the history of the light, Kings and princes, make this group of people to give it to each, GeJinSuoChang, historical massiness,Brought to life for a modern audience.With the knowledge he accumulated, he upgraded the museum system and turned on special functions.At the same time, also harvest ruhuameijuan, love each other.She is the former classmate of the male master, gentle and quiet, engaged in scientific research work, because the eyes are temporarily blind, came to the male home to recuperate, daily tenderness.An urban fantasy interlaced with the past and the present is a bit like the feeling I feel when WATCHING National Treasure. Famous people from all over the world gather together and present the strange stories of historical figures in the way of live broadcasting.The Angle of view is novel and interesting to read.Brief comments: a story of three generations of struggle across the Republic of China, the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the reform era and the new century.From grandpa Wang Yougen began to write, write that turbulent era, the bottom people how to hide from the war, if in hunger to survive, if in the process of losing loved ones to live strongly.There was the death of Wang Chong, who struck my heart. He was clever and sensible when he was young, but he died in the hands of the landlord. With only a few tens of dollars and a brother’s future, he dismissed his life lightly.Then is to the former just born sister, did not eat a milk, has not been named, quietly away by the king of hell.There is forward grandma, so vigorous an old lady, also did not survive the famine.War and chaos, natural and man-made disasters, every picture, let me sad tears.Here substitute into Feng Xiaogang’s “1942”, it is tearing heart crack lung.Wang xiangqian became a mechanic with his tanning skills and raised his children well.After surviving that period of hardship, the college entrance examination resumed.Wang Xiangqian’s son Wang Sangtian and his best friend Li Advanced in the oil field to meet!Born as a farmer, Wang sangtian was active and devoted his life to his work.The Li Advanced of landlord previous experience complains heaven and everyone, to oilfield did not have half cent affection, the sincere heart that is given by Wang Sangtian however is affected, root is in front line thereby, love oilfield loves deeply, the son Li Zijing that forces oneself chooses oilfield to be related major even.The Li Zijing of 90 stranger, aim at computer artificial intelligence major, the idea of father and son had conflict.Here, also indirectly led to the ideological trend of the youth of each era, the plot is very realistic, plain text, brought together the Chinese people’s change of heart, from the original full meal to eat a good meal, and then to the spiritual enrichment.The motherland is getting stronger and stronger, and we are indomitable.The third: “the road of small landlord’s imperial examination” author: Peach blossom dew brief comment: that year, father is a medium 2 young, drunk and niang had a night, then, had the cub.Niang because the home has slag brother, in order to protect the cub, can only leave the cub to dad, their survival to go, round and round, niang into the road nunnery Clear repair.Father and his father made a conflict, left home with the cub, lived down in the alley, the money in the hand is not much, the child and crying for milk to eat, young father anxious bad head.At this time, the neighbor girl stepped in to help the cub have a place to feed.Day a little bit past, the cub also grew up day by day, in order to give the cub into the family tree, dad worked hard to take an examination of talent.In order to earn face for dad, the cub is also proud, even six yuan to honor the family.In the meantime, the father and mother are reunited, and the cub grows up to be a happy young man and gets married with a young plum.Xiao Qingmei is gentle and kind. She is not only good at martial arts, but also very good at cooking. For her roast duck, she decided to stick to her for life!This article early to raise the cub daily, parents short.Later reading daily, open life start.From a child’s point of view, it tells an ancient imperial examination story full of fireworks and fairytale wind.Although women wear men set, but natural mood change, read very comfortable.The fourth: “others examination my science” author: life if at the beginning of brief comment: male master through into ruishan prince son, the use of modern wisdom and ideas, expand the territory to chase deer central Plains story.The plot line is based on the male hero’s career, and the background is set as the dynasty of the strong spirit master. The male hero uses science to cross the manual stage to the age of steam industry.Early male master wholeheartedly on infrastructure construction and people’s livelihood development, and with the emperor in the hall battle of wits and courage, escaped numerous killing.In the later period, he married the seven infantesses of king Mengwang, who were wise and decisive.End enthroned emperor, the creation of the Prosperous Rui Dynasty.What attracts me in this article is that the hero is not imprisoned by the aristocratic system, but does everything himself to benefit the people.She appeared late, but the image is solid, dignified and calm, and the men complement each other.Male pet iron beast is also naive, adorable change the heart.In addition, little people also have more ink, is a mature style of good work.Fifth: “after wearing a toff I married a false daughter” author: Magpie bridge west brief comment: modern rich 2 generation pass through into ancient small toff, married a false daughter after the good story of the day.The emotional line is the joy of the enemy, the plot line is the first marriage love.Male Chen Yihe wit sand carving, behind the poison tongue is a pet wife ungenerous heart, female su Hornbill looks like soft beauty, crying package a, but the force is infinite, the key moment is very reliable, big is not carrying clear, very contrast meng.At first, he disrelish her small short legs, howl little wench mistake his happiness.Behind, he found the opportunity to care for her, love her past.Good Samaritan male host, the turning point of the apprentice is – raise a good daughter!Male master’s sister into the palace, and finally rose to the Lord of the harem.Koi body of the male master, not only his sister with him to fly, later unlocked the taifu granddaughter’s birth, also indirectly let him lie to win.In a word, the writing is fluent, the characters are vivid, the plot is relaxed and humorous a cookie, read comfortably.Click like plus attention, don’t get lost!Every day wonderful novel recommended non-stop!