Thai beauty in Chinese red dress: Sutida noble Sinina delicate, Sirami the most moving

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When Spring Festival comes, people in many Southeast Asian countries celebrate the Lunar New Year with their families just like Chinese people do.For example, Thai people attach great importance to the Spring Festival. When it comes to this time, both ordinary people and the royal family will hold worship ceremonies in the local area.During the Spring Festival, women in the harem of the Thai royal family also wear cheerful Chinese red clothes.In recent years, they have contributed to the Spring Festival red dress is a variety of styles, but also different.Sri is playful and stylish, Sutita is dignified and elegant, and Sinina is charming and charming.But to say the most touching, but also the “most beautiful princess” Sirami!Recently, Thailand’s 70-year-old King Maha, who has been in Germany with more than 20 harem beauties, also flew back to Thailand during the “Spring Festival travel rush” to attend the Lunar New Year worship ceremony.This appearance with the King of Thailand is queen Suthida and the king of Thailand’s eldest daughter Princess Pa.Concubine Sinina, who has been fighting with Sutida, was absent from the ceremony, so the atmosphere of the whole activity was “cold and quiet”.However, this also shows suthida’s position in the harem from the side, as long as there is an important ceremony, the queen is still able to support the scene.Even if Senina did, it would only be as a foil!In this traditional festival, Suthida and Princess Pa are dressed in Chinese cheongsam, two people one pink and one red very appropriate.Princess Palmer’s red short-sleeved cheongsam full of joy, in the light of the cheongsam can also reflect the golden plum flower pattern, the whole person set off very noble atmosphere.However, Princess Pa’s look is a big loser compared to that of her stepmother suthida.Suthida, who was born in 1978 and is the same age as Princess Pa, wears a pink cheongsam and looks like a young wife in her 20s.Suteda’s pink dress, pink blush, lipstick and earrings were matched with a small blue flower. Standing with Princess Pa, it’s easy to guess who is the daughter and who is the mother!Meanwhile, Suthida’s cheongsam dress, with exquisite peony embroidery and three-quarter sleeve design, is demure and gentle, making her skin pale and tender.In fact, if you look at her red cheongsam last year, you can see how much she has changed this year.Before is to take the ultimate dignified line, although show old, but also want to shine out.Deep red cheongsam with smoky makeup, who is the domineering heroine can see at a glance.Even with Poetry Nina almost hit unlined upper garment, but also from the temperament and the field of instant crush each other.Speaking of Poetry Nina, in fact, since she entered the palace, she did not wear less qipao, but her choice of qipao style is very unified, and have their own standards.For one thing, it has to be tight enough (which seems to be her rule in all her outfits) to show off her figure as much as possible.Secondly, the color should be sufficiently bright-coloured, and it is absolutely how high profile.This is not, her last year’s cheongsam modeling is particularly charming and delicate, without this figure is really not too dare to wear out.Sinina’s other red dress is also very enchanting, coupled with a strong festive atmosphere of makeup and bright smile, she is even more dazzling.In addition to Jinina, there is another person in the Thai royal family whose style often causes hot debate among melon eaters.That is, the youngest daughter of the King of Thailand, Princess Sri, why her dress will be so eye-catching?Because that’s what she does.Princess Slee has been interested in the fashion industry since she was a child and started her own fashion line at the age of 17.In addition to being a royal princess, she is also a fashion designer.Although she did not attend the worship ceremony with the Thai king this time, she also enjoyed “Chinese red” during the Spring Festival.On the first day of the Lunar New Year, she wore a Chinese red dress designed by herself and went to the royal temple to worship and pray.As you can see from the design concept of this red outfit, The princess has put a lot of thought into it.Her Chinese-inspired suit is based on Hanfu and further refined by incorporating patterns commonly used in traditional Thai clothing.And she also specially collocation on a “division division head” hair style, in the hand to take a fan, naughty and lovely, really a little division division taste!But sirami is the most stunning royal in the red dress.Sirami was called “Thailand’s most beautiful Princess” by the public and the media before she was sent to the temple as a nun at the king’s order.Even though Sirami has been a nun for six years, no one has been able to replace her.As the most beautiful presence in the Thai harem, Sirami’s red dress is the most memorable.In 2014, unaware of her danger, she quietly carried out her official duties in the palace.When she showed up on official duty in a red dress, she immediately amazed the audience and made it impossible to take your eyes off her.Her own skin is fair, in the bright red set off, the whole person’s skin appears even whiter, looks particularly good.She is not a thin figure, so she easily carries a bright red vibe, which is more glamorous than any royal woman’s red dress.When she was still a princess, she wore a red dress and followed the King of Thailand to visit various places during the Spring Festival. At that time, she was never stingy with her smile.But to later, even if put on the most beautiful skirt, it is hard to see from her face to squeeze out a smile, Thai king also rarely hold her hand appeared in front of the camera, perhaps at that time her bad luck has been doomed……Among the Thai royal family, when it comes to wearing Chinese clothes for the Spring Festival, there is actually a woman who has to be mentioned, Princess Sirindhorn, who came to Beijing a few days ago.The princess has long been an old friend of the Chinese people.During this year’s Spring Festival, she also wrote four Chinese characters, “Like a tiger with Wings added”, to send New Year wishes to the Chinese people.At this point, my aesthetic “five senses” followed the three views, unilaterally declared: “Princess Sirindhorn is the most beautiful Thai royal family”!