The popular characters of Detective Conan have their own theatrical versions, which one do you like?

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As we all know, detective Conan’s popular characters have their own theatrical versions.Chi ‘an Fast New, even peace has two two, the theater version is often different from the daily, generally is the audience expect the plot or characters.The usual routine was either to introduce Kidd, such as M14 “Shipwreck in the Sky” M19 “Cyanosis Sunflower” M23 “Cyanosis Fist”.Or popular characters or groups to open police lines M18 “Dimensional Sniper” Conan teamed up with the FBI, M22 “Zero’s Executor” Conan teamed up with the Japanese public security, last year’s M24 “Scarlet Bullet”, Conan teamed up with Akai house, and this year’s upcoming M25 “Halloween Bride”.Another interesting winery line, I dare to predict here, M26 or M27, after the rum identity is announced or will be announced, the rum episode into the climax, the winery line theater version.The most recent examples are THE M13 Dark Tracker and the M20 Pure Black Nightmare.Of course, there is another mode is the love line, similar to M21 “Tang Hong’s Love Song”, similar to the style of the previous successful version M7 “Labyrinth crossroads”, at that time I was very touched, now see this kind of sour love and even peace have begun to stir triangle, I am unable to make fun of.Or do you want to see an action-packed police action movie?Now the production team should realize that the theatrical version of the pure love line is really hard to push.Even Kuailan is arranged, this is how to pull popular characters to fire CP.But I personally don’t like this kind of theater version, because once the love line is on, there’s not much drama and you can’t get a word in, and the adult groups are there to make love.Key now name ke love line more and more fetid, really by thunder.In comparison, M15 “Fifteen minutes of Silence”, M16 “the 11th Pioneer”, ordinary Ko Ai daily line.There is no main line, no popular role, is the tacit cooperation with Conan’s exaggerated action, so it is very enjoyable to watch.In the future, the theatrical version should be at least one or two of the above modes, and then the speculation of CP is indispensable, and Conan’s exaggerated action is also indispensable.Based on the above analysis, in the theatrical version of Universe Conan, the characters of the winery line are as follows: Akai house/Kudo house/Toshiya Zero/Kurogai (Kotobe fubei/Rum later);The daily line characters revolve around the Maori family/detective team;The Kidd line is a different story, because kidd is not a character in conan’s universe per se.Besides Conan/Shinichi, Ai is the most connected character between the groups.The junior Detective line/winery line of the daily line will definitely have a little sadness.Then we should be able to find that detective Conan is now the most able to fight three men, respectively and the miyano woman has a difficult to explain the relationship.Conan small ai relationship will not say;Akai and Akami;Valley Zero and Alena.Rational analysis: with xiao Ai as the core, the popular characters are connected together to produce a theatrical version, which is justified and happy, and then predict a wave of possible themes here.First of all, based on this year’s global epidemic, the threat of criminal organizations with infectious diseases/viruses would be a good subject, because this year everyone has experienced it personally, which can arouse the audience’s sense of tension.So in Conan universe, virus research biochemical aspect can play that person is who, I need not say more!It must be a small sorrow, and then can also be a good series of neon Wolf, or the metropolitan police department characters.Let’s give ai Gao a hand.And then the winery line, I thought we could do a whole miyano story once Rum’s identity was revealed.The plot could be to dig a hole about how Miyano and his wife died, and then Ai suddenly learns something about the death of his parents, and conan starts to track them down, encountering a series of obstacles on the way.Led by Ai/Wakasa, amuro/Akai/lead sister, a wave of drama.This can be used in the way of the theater version of aoyama said that “Miyano couple is dead” pit, or someone has been obsessed with, and then sublimate the main dilemma between righteousness and affection, to Bourbon/nakasata/a perspective.In the end, a little sorrow under the rebirth.We have any ideas, can be rational communication.