District and municipal organs and enterprises actively participated in the epidemic prevention work in Jinhu Road

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Since the emergence of this round of the epidemic, Jinhu Road street has actively explored and controlled the relevant personnel in medium-high risk areas. According to the data pushed by the public security organs, it has assisted the local police station to carry out a large number of follow-up work every day.With the nucleic acid testing of all staff in The southern district of The city, the follow-up staff is obviously insufficient, and the pressure is increasing.The epidemic is the command and the post is the position.Volunteer service teams of municipal organs, district organs, and enterprises affiliated to the district actively participated in the battle of epidemic prevention and control.They have given up caring for everyone, honed their work style and abilities on the front line of the fight against COVID-19, put into practice the “Six Spirits” and “Twelve military rules” with practical actions, and fully demonstrated their responsibility in this battlefield without smoke.Li Tao and Jia Zhiyi, the sinking cadres of taizhou Road Community Veterans Affairs Bureau, helped the community to sort out and carry the materials needed at the detection points the next day.The sinking cadres of the Municipal court took the initiative to take care of the elderly residents with mobility difficulties at the detection point of Peixian Road;The sinking cadres of the City development Company measured the body temperature of residents for nucleic acid testing and disinfected alcohol at the testing point of The first road of Taizhou.The cadres of Agricultural Bank of China Qingdao Branch (Shinan Sub-branch) participated in temperature measurement and order maintenance at the detection point.(Source: Jinhu Road Street Office) (source: Jinhu Road Street Office) Zhang Xiaodong, a cadre of retired Military affairs Bureau of Kangjiazhuang Community, came to the detection point of Xuzhou Road 116 early to prepare for nucleic acid testing on the day;Qiao Yixing, a sunken cadre of the city’s veterans Affairs Bureau, was responsible for maintaining order at the nucleic acid testing site, reminding residents to keep a safe distance;Shi Yaqiong, a retired military affairs bureau official, registered information for residents.At the detection point of No. 18 jintan Road, the cadres of shinan District Court conducted temperature measurement and hand disinfection for the residents who came to take nucleic acid tests to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the testing work;City development company sinking cadres in Shandong Road, Baianju detection point for nucleic acid testing residents to register information.(source: golden lake road neighborhood) (source: golden lake road neighborhood) yenji road community to reduce the staff working pressure, the city veterans affairs yan guo initiative to apply for the epidemic focus on follow-up work, continuous work from nine o ‘clock in the morning and evening, does not need others to replace class, follow-up volume up to hundreds a day, work overtime, work hard;Zhang Huanwei from the Municipal Veterans Affairs Bureau was responsible for the report of key groups in the community, patiently and in detail answered residents’ questions, and guided residents to the designated place for nucleic acid testing.Sinking cadres of Hainuo company sterilize residents’ ID cards at nucleic acid detection points to avoid cross infection;The cadres of shinan District Court took charge of information registration during the test and helped organize epidemic prevention materials until the last moment of nucleic acid test.Zhang Weibao, a cadre of the Xuzhou Road Community Veterans Affairs Bureau, has been fighting for three days at the nucleic acid testing site. He stood in the temperature measurement area of the nucleic acid testing site in Xuzhou Road, Jinhu Road, early in the morning to check the code and measure the temperature to maintain order.City retired soldiers sinking cadres Tao Shanyong gave up the holiday rest time in front of the charge, with more than two years of grass-roots epidemic prevention work experience to participate in the full nucleic acid testing, for residents to answer the doubts, test code temperature;Cadres from shinan District Court and Hainuo Company stuck to the nucleic acid testing site and assisted in sorting out materials at the site.(Source: Jinhu Road Street Office) (Source: Jinhu Road Street Office) CoSCO Overseas Transportation Group actively connected with Jinhu Road street, since March 21, selected 5 party member volunteers to undertake the telephone follow-up work of street district.In the process of telephone follow-up of relevant personnel information, the volunteers would often be faced with the incomprehension, questions and even emotional excitement of the information collectors. They would patiently answer the questions, warm their hearts and appease them, and always stick to their posts.5 days, after their hard work, the follow-up work achieved stage significant results, get the high praise of the Jinhu road street and the district police station.”Epidemic” has never been before, showing full responsibility.There were no grand words or speeches, only sentences like “I obey the arrangement”. They firmly chose to give up their families and take care of everyone when all families got together, and built a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control with their practical actions.We believe that with the joint efforts of all the “rebels” and all the residents, we will surely usher in a beautiful spring of “snow melting and epidemic dispersing”.