Fuquan Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau: “Five intensification” to promote the construction of the rule of law, escort high-quality development

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To advance the rule of law construction, the comprehensive administrative law enforcement in fuquan city bureau to the rule of law government construction as the lead, to strengthen the system implement, strengthening case to handle, and flexibility, strengthen the rule of law is strengthening exploration innovation, strengthening propaganda and education such as “five reinforcement”, and communities in promoting law enforcement standardization construction, improve the level of administration according to law, continue to deepen the reform development, carry out flexible system of law enforcement,Improve the public’s legal literacy, for the high-quality development of social and economic escort.Strengthen the implementation of the system, promote the standardization of law enforcement construction comprehensive publicity of administrative law enforcement.We will actively publicize law enforcement matters, grounds, law enforcement personnel, and law enforcement decisions to the public, effectively guarantee the right of service objects to know, and actively accept public supervision.Record the whole process of administrative law enforcement.It is clear that the contents, methods and carriers of records in all law enforcement links, such as filing cases, investigation and evidence collection, legal review, decision, service and execution, shall be subject to whole-process records and traceable management.We will strengthen review of the legality of administrative law enforcement.We will make it clear that legal review organs and personnel serve as a front window for reviewing administrative law enforcement decisions, and conduct strict legal review throughout the process of collecting evidence, applying law, and enforcing law procedures in ordinary administrative penalty cases.We will strengthen the handling of cases and improve the level of law-based administration. We will actively seek solutions to the people’s “urgent problems” in the field of the rule of law, and constantly explore community-level law enforcement work under new circumstances.Had dealt with 835 people reported complaints in 2021, with more than 13000 cases of simple procedure, to set up outdoor advertising, occupy urban roads, mining city road 518 administrative licensing, administrative punishment case investigate ordinary procedure 220 pieces, and implement dynamic management case, timely and accurately grasp the law enforcement cases, villages and towns bureau to deal with,There was no administrative reconsideration or administrative litigation in the whole year.In the case evaluation of 2021, it was awarded the municipal excellent case notification praise twice.Strengthen exploration and innovation, continue to deepen reform and seek development to establish a new system of administrative law enforcement.We will strengthen coordination and cooperation between comprehensive administrative law enforcement, administration, discipline inspection and supervision, and criminal justice, strengthen inter-departmental linkage, and effectively solve problems such as overlapping powers and responsibilities, overlapping law enforcement, and duplicate law enforcement in administrative law enforcement.Innovate the way we work.We should make good use of the “721 Working Method” for urban management, change passive management into active service, and change end enforcement into source governance.Explore the standardized construction of law enforcement in towns and townships.We moved the focus of law enforcement down and the threshold forward, and established a long-term and efficient urban and rural oversight system.Each township shall set up an inquiry room and a storage room for confiscated articles.We will create a new model of law enforcement oversight.The comprehensive administrative law enforcement and case handling system of Fuquan city has been set up, the data ports of the judiciary, the procuratorate and the commission for discipline inspection and supervision have been opened, and the “trinity” supervision mode of administrative law enforcement, discipline inspection and supervision and criminal justice has been established to strictly investigate responsibility and standardize administrative law enforcement.Strengthen the combination of hardness and softness, carry out the flexible law enforcement system To innovate the way of urban management and supervision, change the law enforcement concept, adhere to the principle of combining punishment and education, change the compulsory law enforcement into flexible law enforcement that combines hardness and softness, inclusiveness and prudence, humanized management, put an end to violent law enforcement, and avoid group visits.For the first time illegal and minor harm consequences and timely correction, the implementation of the first violation of the law enforcement method, to minor violations of the inform commitment system and the production of the first violation of the list of impunity combined, comprehensive optimization of the law enforcement concept, effectively crack the city management difficult, difficult law enforcement problems.It is planned to set up a “1+N” blue Yan team of Fuquan City city service composed of female team members to conduct comprehensive training in business knowledge, physical fitness and etiquette, and mainly take charge of education and advice on urban management violations such as mobile street vendors on main roads, road occupying operation and illegal parking of vehicles.Give full play to women’s unique management advantages of patience, carefulness and firmness, adhere to the combination of civilized persuasion and law enforcement management, constantly improve citizens’ satisfaction with urban management, consolidate the achievements of national health city and Garden City of Guizhou Province, and help build the city into a national civilized city and a national garden city.The leading group took the lead in strengthening the study of political theory and steadily promoted the orderly development of the rule of law.The training of law enforcement teams was strengthened to constantly improve the legal quality, law enforcement level and case-handling ability of administrative law enforcement personnel. The study of Xi Jinping Thought on the rule of law, laws and regulations was organized for 25 times throughout the year, and the training of legal knowledge and professional skills for cadres and employees was organized for 8 times.We strictly implemented the responsibility system for popularizing the law, and organized 18 publicity activities to popularize the law in communities, schools, enterprises, and rural areas for laws and regulations closely related to the people’s production and life, thus fulfilling our political responsibility for building the rule of law.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Lu Taiming editor Liang Xiaolin editor Mo Yu Zhang Carry forward