Got labial inflammation to take bit vitamin B2 to be able good?Can we hear what the doctor has to say

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Video production reporter Xu Luqing recently, singer Yang Chaoyue complained on weibo was repeatedly troubled by liulitis, caused a lot of resonance, there are also netizens in the comment area to share their “anti-inflammatory experience” – “once there is a sign of recurrence, eat B vitamins as soon as possible”.Is B group vitamin the omnipotent artifact that fights lip inflammation really?Reporters interviewed the sixth hospital of Ningbo city dermatology deputy director Shen Yanna chief physician.”One of the most misunderstood is vitamin B2, or riboflavin,” she clarifies.A riboflavin deficiency can cause cheilitis, but not all cheilitis are caused by a riboflavin deficiency.Vitamin B2 supplements are only effective in cases of labiitis caused by deficiency, and vitamin B2 deficiency is not common in modern humans.”She reminds, the cause of labiitis has a lot of kinds, want to distinguish treatment, active search cause is the first step that treats labiitis.She shared two cases she had seen in the clinic that day.Zhou Qi (pseudonym), in her early 30s, woke up that morning to find her lips and lips were red, swollen, itchy and in a rash. She couldn’t go out to work at all.Puzzling she had to wear a mask, came to ningbo six hospital dermatology department.Shen Yan Na a look, this is obvious lip inflammation.During her communication with Zhou Qi, she quickly caught a sensitive piece of information — Zhou Qi had just bought several large mangoes the day before and ate two at one go after exercising that night.”Mangiic acid is a common cause of acute cheilitis.”Shen yanna said.But let Zhou Qi feel inconceivable is, mango oneself love to eat as a child, never had a problem, how suddenly liphitis?Do you have to give up mangoes?Shen Yanna explained, mangiic acid caused by liulitis is a contact liulitis, not because patients eat mangiic acid into the body, but because in the process of eating, mangiic acid repeatedly contact lips and lips around the skin, causing irritation, allergies, and patients with recent mucosal barrier function damage or more sensitive skin has a lot to do.To cure this kind of cheilitis, need not “give up mango”, as long as mango cut into small pieces, directly into the mouth, avoid contact with lip ministry and lip skin can be.Another patient, Tang Tang (pseudonym), is only 22 — a woman who loves beauty.She has been a big lipstick lover since college, and likes to try different colors of different brands online.But dry, easy to peel, easy to crack, acid eating pain, these lip conditions have been bothering her for a long time, lipstick is not so beautiful.Recently, when Tang Tang was at home without makeup, her mother suddenly asked her why she looked so bad and her lips had no color or luster at all. She noticed her “frog in warm water” change.Indeed, long ago, when she did not wear lipstick, her lip color was often admired.After the association, Tang Tang hung up the number of dermatology.After seeing tang Tang’s labial ministry condition and listened to her description, Shen Yanna judge, this is lipstick long-term stimulation labial ministry causes contact sex labiitis, see not a few in outpatient service.”Dyes, fragrances and preservatives in lipstick can irritate lips where mucosal barrier function is impaired or the skin is more sensitive.In addition, some lipstick components are photosensitive, may also cause actinic cheilitis in the sun, long-term repeated and even carcinogenic.”Shen Yanna suggested tang Tang, to cure liulitis, first of all, must cut off the source of the problem, lipstick is temporarily not painted, or in necessary occasions, and can be painted before lipstick with a layer of vaseline base, avoid lipstick direct contact with the lip, thereby reducing stimulation.Doctors remind: daily to treat the lip “in addition to mango acid and lipstick, mouthwash, toothpaste, cleaning agent is also a common cause of contact cheilitis, but not every contact will occur cheilitis, and personal constitution has a lot to do.”Shen Yanna is introduced, the cause of acute contact cheilitis is relatively easy to search, but there are a lot of etiology of chronic cheilitis screening often takes a long time, want to ask how long have “problems” “what is wrong to eat before” “have you bought any new products lately” “have suffered in the outdoor sun” “there is no other systemic disease history” and so on.She reminds, want to prevent labiitis, be about to treat oneself labial ministry well daily.First of all, work and rest regularly to ensure adequate rest;Secondly, we should pay attention to moisturizing with lip balm, lip gel, etc., avoid licking lips with the tongue when dry, because saliva wet lips after evaporation will take away the original moisture in the skin, the more dry licking;In addition, in the purchase of lip products or lipstick and other lip makeup, be sure to pay attention to the brand reliable, regular channels, if you can, as little as possible when not necessary.”Once lips appear swelling, itching, exudation, blisters, erosion and other lip inflammation, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital to find a specialist doctor, actively find the cause of the problem, cut off the source of the problem.Even if the cause is not immediately clear, doctors can treat the symptoms.”Ningbo Evening News reporter Xu Luqing correspondent Zhao Wei (source: China Ningbo network – science, education and health) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: