In the early hours of New Year’s Eve, patrol cars escorted pregnant women to the hospital to give birth

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In the early morning of New Year’s Eve, the streets of Caoqiao town, Pinghu City have been quiet, two private cars have rushed to break the peace.In the car are sitting pregnant women about to give birth, one unbearable pain, in the passenger seat of the pain groaning;One encounter premature amniotic fluid rupture, critical moment, they appear, “do not be afraid, follow us, we escort for you!”It was later learned that both women gave birth to their daughters on the same day, and they thanked the police again for their timely help.At 12:22 on January 31, Zhou Tao and Chu Xiaofeng, members of the caoqiao police Station of Pinghu City Public Security Bureau, were carrying out their daily patrol. When they arrived at the market town intersection, a black car suddenly flashed and honked its horn.Patrol members turn around, the car in the man urgently for help: “you quickly help, my wife is quick to give birth, belly pain is no good, we are anxious to go to the hospital……”Originally, the man’s wife’s due date in early three, which know the production ahead of schedule, anxious he saw patrol car as if to see a savior, immediately honk signal.Time is life.The patrol immediately lit up the lights, drove the police car in front of the road, under the premise of ensuring safety, at the fastest speed to Jiaxing Women’s health care hospital, the original 30 minutes of the journey was shortened to 20 minutes.At this time, the pregnant woman was unable to stand due to labor pains, Zhou Tao rushed forward to help her, carried her to the stretcher, and completed the handover with the hospital.”Thank you so much for your hard work!”Facing the family members’ thanks, Zhou Tao waved his hand and said, “It’s all right. This is what we should do. Go busy!”While Zhou Tao and Chu Xiaofeng were safely on their way back, colleagues Wang Junwei and CAI Binwei also received an “emergency request for help”.At 1:00 a.m., two members of the team just drove to the intersection next to the police station, such as the traffic lights, the next lane of the private car busy rolling down the window, honking the horn signal: there are pregnant women on the car, amniotic fluid has broken, request escort!’Stay with us!Two players sounded the siren, all the way gallop, 20 minutes later also successfully sent to jiaxing city women’s health care hospital, and the hospital to complete the handover, two people rest assured to leave.