Police are rewarding excellent subway safety inspectors during the Spring Festival travel rush

2022-06-02 0 By

On the afternoon of February 14, the bus corps of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau organized rail transit operators and security inspection companies in the city to award 33 security inspectors for their outstanding achievements in the Winter Olympic Games and Spring Festival Travel rush. A total of 30,000 yuan was awarded.During the Spring Festival Travel rush in 2022, the majority of rail transit security inspectors conscientiously performed their duties, bore hardships and stood hard work, strictly implemented various security inspection measures, blocked all kinds of dangerous goods outside the station, and effectively played the role of screening checkpoints and blocking barriers.A total of 62,973,100 passengers and 54,806,700 items were checked for security check in the city’s rail transit network, and 24,845 prohibited items were seized. Among them, those who violated the law were dealt with by Beijing bus police according to law.The meeting read out the commendation award decision, and awarded a bonus to the security inspector who was commended, metro Changping line security inspector Du Xufeng as a representative made a statement.The bus police urged all rail transit operating companies to fulfill their responsibilities and organize security inspection units to strictly implement safety inspection measures to ensure the safety and stability of the capital’s rail transit system.