Bad news for the US, with Zelensky denouncing Biden and Macron calling for Europe to stand on its own two feet

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Hello and welcome to this episode of scishow!The international situation is changing rapidly, and the game between great powers is always full of various possibilities.Recently, the US has been pursuing a two-pronged strategy. On one hand, it wants to contain the rise of China, and on the other hand, it wants to suppress Russia. However, it does not realize that its ambition is too big and will only “bite” itself in the end.At the end of January, the US received three pieces of bad news, all related to the US-Russia situation.First up, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky took a rare swipe at U.S. President Joe Biden.As is known to all, the conflict between Russia and the United States and even the whole West started in Ukraine. Ukraine took refuge in the United States and NATO, and repeatedly “brandised its sword” to Russia. Among them, the “instigation” and commitment of the United States became the driving force for Ukraine to “fire” on Russia.However, to Ukraine’s surprise, Biden unexpectedly at such a tense time between Russia and Ukraine, put words suggesting that if Russia only a small “invasion” of Ukraine, there will be no sanctions against Russia, the US move directly let Ukraine “dumbstruck”, is this being sold by “big Brother”?Previously, Ukraine, together with the United States and NATO, hyped up the opinion that Russia was going to “invade” Ukraine, and used this as a reason to keep pressuring Russia.Ukraine has also gone to great lengths to stand alongside the West in blasting Russia.In fact, part of the reason why Ukraine did this was because the United States always promised it that NATO would accept Ukraine and that the United States would help Ukraine.That is why Ukraine is rushing to the front.For some time now, Putin has been serious and even ready to “fight to the end” with the West, but Biden’s sudden statement has sent a chill through Ukraine.Mr. Biden said publicly that he wasn’t sure whether Mr. Putin was going to invade Ukraine, and that he would respond differently depending on whether the Russians were making a “small invasion” or “actually using the heavy forces they’ve assembled on the border.”If it was the latter, Russia would face “a catastrophe,” but Biden added that he believed Putin had no intention of fighting “all-out war.”At the same time, Biden acknowledged that there was no consensus within NATO to impose sanctions, if at all, and that economic sanctions against Russia would hurt U.S. and European interests.Although Biden spoke softly, Ukraine got it all.According to Ukrainian officials, The Ukrainian government was “shocked” by Mr. Biden’s distinction between levels of “incursions” and his suggestion that there would be no sanctions against “minor incursions,” which amounted to “a green light to move into Ukraine,” which was terrifying.Biden ended up giving Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, a blow to his desperate hopes of joining NATO.Mr. Biden said it was “possible” to talk to Mr. Putin again in the near future to discuss ways to ease tensions.In previous conversations, Mr. Putin had made two demands: “Ukraine will never be part of NATO,” and that NATO “will not deploy strategic weapons in Ukraine.”Now Mr. Biden wants to find some kind of solution to that second demand, and he stressed that it was “not very likely” that Ukraine would join NATO anytime soon.The United States is clearly sending conciliatory signals to Russia, and there is a strong sense that Ukraine is being sacrificed.Ukrainian President Volodymyk Zelensky couldn’t sit still. He immediately wrote that he wanted to “remind big countries that there is no such thing as a small invasion, and there are no small countries.”But then he added, “I say this as the president of a big country.”The Ukrainian president’s satirical response was a “wake-up call” for the US, with a clarification from the White House and a second warning from Biden to Russia.But it has to be said that the United States always likes to make “empty promises”. Can such lip service really be trusted?Ukraine has seen how The United States treats its Allies in the past, whether it is withdrawing troops from Afghanistan or “stealing” orders from France, so it advised Zelensky not to “bet” on the United States. After all, as a leader of a country, he is responsible to millions of people.Then there is the second danger signal for America, also from Allies.French President Emmanuel Macron recently called on the EU and Russia to establish their own “new order of security and stability”. Why is it “their own”?As is known to all, Europe has long relied on the United States in military and other fields, leading to the following of the United States in many policies. Although it is not to the extent of “fighting where the finger is pointed”, as long as the United States participates in conflicts, Europe can always find its shadow.So in his speech to the European Parliament, Macron directly called for EU member states to “open their own dialogue” with Russia, rather than supporting the U.S. and NATO-led diplomatic efforts, in sharp contrast to U.S. Secretary of State Blinken’s call for “solidarity.””We should work with other Europeans and NATO as Europeans to build a solution and then submit it to Russia for negotiation,” Macron said.It is good for Europe to co-operate with the US, but europeans should have their own dialogue.”Clearly, France, once “conquered” by the United States, knows the consequences of dependence on the United States.In fact, this is the direction of public opinion in Europe as a whole, not just in France.Recently, Russia and western frequent dialogue within a week, because of the conflict is a matter of European security and defense of the major problems, so this week is involved by europeans as “Europe’s survival” key for a week, people in Europe get rid of the super power control, to show the world its ability to independently in charge of the European affairs for a week.There are many sober people in Europe who believe that European countries are in an awkward position to survive under the MILITARY umbrella of the United States for their own security.In an effort to reassure Europe and give Allies face, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed a willingness to work more closely with Allies and partners, including Europe, and coordinate positions and actions with the European Union.However, Blinken’s remarks were met with criticism from European media that the United States is “deciding the future and destiny of The European people in its capacity as NATO’s ‘master’.”In fact, blinken was not only slapped in the face of Europe, but also their own head of state Joe Biden.At a time when security talks between Russia and the West were at an impasse, Blinken, the US secretary of state, immediately decided to engage in “whirlwind diplomacy”, rallying Allies against Russia and showing solidarity with European Allies, but unexpectedly, Blinken was embarrassed by Biden’s remarks.Blinken’s move came after US President Joe Biden said NATO countries were divided on Russia, while French President Emmanuel Macron urged the EU to come up with an independent policy towards Russia, rather than just following America’s lead.Both Biden’s suggestion and Macron’s explicit statement cast a shadow over Blinken’s “wooing trip.”In fact, the United States and Europe have long been the trend of fragmentation, And Europe is likely to focus more on how to escape the CONTROL of the United States.The EU has drawn up a “strategic guide” for the creation of a 5,000-strong land, sea and air force to respond to European and international situations, eu Foreign Affairs and Security Chief Henrique Borrell revealed.In a sense, this is an important step away from the United States.In fact, whether it is the EU or NATO, France and Germany occupy a very important position, now France has to the United States “sword”, then What about Germany?On January 22, German media broke a surprising news, saying that German Chancellor Scholz turned down Biden’s invitation for a temporary meeting because of his “busy schedule.”According to the report, Scholz already had an appointment when the White House invited him and said he wanted to spend more time in Germany to deal with the outbreak.Biden had tried to persuade Scholz to take a tough line on Russia, and cia Director William Burns visited Berlin for the meeting.Both the German government and the White House denied the allegations.The White House is adamant: there is no such thing.Although there is no legal conclusion to the German media’s Revelations, Germany has shown that it does not want to be tough with Russia, nor will it export lethal weapons to Ukraine.The United States, on the other hand, says it will de-escalate the situation while continuing to supply Ukraine with weapons and military training.He even ordered the families of the American embassy in Ukraine to evacuate.Soon, the State Department will also encourage Americans to leave Ukraine on commercial flights, according to U.S. officials.At the same time, javelin anti-tank missiles are about to be shipped to Ukraine from Baltic states and US arsenals.The ADMINISTRATION also plans to ship more weapons and ammunition to Ukraine in the coming days.It has to be said that as countries around the world struggle to recover from the devastation of the pandemic, who will follow a “war-hungry” Us into the conflict?How can a country be trusted to “abandon” its Allies at any moment?The United States should wake up to the fact that the signals sent by Ukraine and France are actually a reminder to the United States not to fall into the vortex of hegemony and belligerence, otherwise it will only end up harming others and not pursuing its own interests.Well, that’s it for today, and I’ll see you next time!