Beijing Olympics | Yiming Su: The final will be harder to beat the high score

2022-06-03 0 By

Chongli, Hebei, February 6, Xinhua News Agency (Reporters Liu Bo, Zheng Zhi, Yang Kai)”In the final, I will choose more difficult moves to get high scores and try my best to win glory for my country.”Chinese snowboarder Su Yiming said.Su Yiming, 17, became the first Chinese snowboarder to qualify for the Men’s slopestyle final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games after winning the first qualifying round at genting Ski Park in Chongli on Saturday.China’s Su Yiming celebrates after the match on February 6.Su yiming ranked first in the men’s snowboard slopestyle qualification at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games to advance to the final.”Because today is the preliminary round, maybe everyone didn’t play their best, but for the final, everyone will definitely be at their best.”He said.Su is the youngest of the contestants, but he dominated the competition in the first round with a stunning combination of 1440-inside turns 1260-1620, scoring the highest score of 86.80 by the judges.At that time, the atmosphere was ignited, Su yiming also “heart” to the audience.He said: “I just want to thank everyone for supporting me all the time, both in the departure area and in the landing area, everyone cheering for me. It’s been really supportive and really helpful.”The track is specially shaped as the “Great Wall of Snow” with ancient walls and eaves.On the roof of the prop area, Su yiming uses a somersault down the eaves to enter the platform area smoothly.”The props have special features. It is a great fun for us skaters to finish the movements we like on the roof. We really enjoy the competition.”China’s Su Yiming competes in the competition on February 6.The men’s snowboard slopestyle qualification of The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games was held at The Genting Ski Park in Zhangjiakou on Thursday.Su yiming starred in the film “The Taking of Tiger Mountain” as a skier known as “Little Supan.”Originally from Jilin province, he started skiing at the age of four and decided to become a professional skater at 14.This season, Su yiming came out of the blue and performed well in the Snowboard World Cup competition, winning the Grand Jump World Cup in the United States and the overall champion of the season, making a number of snowboard history in China.He became the first snowboarder to represent China in the Winter Olympics in slopestyle World Cup in Calgary, Canada.The men’s slopestyle final will start at 12:00 noon on July 7. Su yiming has the ability and confidence to “arm wrestle” with the world’s top players, aiming for a medal.”In the final I will be more focused to finish the routine.To compete in such a competitive environment is something I particularly enjoy and I expect everyone to give their best tomorrow.”Su yiming said.Editors: Ding Wenxian, Wu Bowen, Cao Yibo, Gao Jiahui (Intern)