Calvin Klein’s Beyond The Deep Space has broken the hearts of his fans

2022-06-03 0 By

After Chen Dong finished “holy ruins”, it can be said that he is ready to write a classic work again, so “the other side of the deep space” released to now, performance greatly beyond the expectations of readers.Not only did not break more, the New Year is still adhere to;Not only every day, but mostly twice a day.To say that the reader is still very easy to be satisfied, as long as Chen East write well, write every day, even if can’t achieve the eagle explosion more every day, that is also a kind of happy feeling.So, “the other side of deep space” serialized to now, has been Chen East to redeem many before the loss of popularity.However, in the creation process of web articles, there will always be the phenomenon of Calvin, which is too normal.This is not, Chen Dong is after writing half a year much time, still finally card article, card to almost look up to heaven long sigh!Ha ha!I’m just kidding. Cavendo doesn’t have to be a big deal.But it makes fans worried!Fans are also anxious!It was perfectly written, but I couldn’t write it out.The point is, more fans are not paying attention to Calvin’s problems, but to the issue of Calvin’s working hours.It has been a long time that Chen Dong is one more in the early morning and one more in the middle of the night.What was Chendong doing in the middle of the day?They can’t all be sleeping!That’s probably not going to happen.So, Chendong’s working hours are problematic.Fans have also come up with pertinent suggestions.Maybe a normal schedule is a bit of a luxury for writers.Most writers find it easy to be quiet at night to compose, while during the day there are too many people and too much noise to be distracted.But staying up late for a long time is really bad for your health.It’s hard to have it both ways!Also hope Chen East can adjust as far as possible!I don’t know what you think about that?