Here we come!”Great Wall Campus reporter” explore shijiazhuang fire themed restaurant

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Great Wall network · Jiyun client news (reporter Zhao Peng Sun Pan) this is a fire safety science sharing experience;This is a New Year’s encounter with the “blue friends” of firefighters.On January 27th, the Great Wall joint of shijiazhuang new media fire rescue team, tianjin KFC co., LTD. Hebei branch held “the Spring Festival is not close, fire safety” Ken “leading” activities, “the Great Wall campus journalists” more than 10 “officer” experience into the trainee journalist shijiazhuang KFC fire theme restaurants, road fire with fire “blue friend” theme restaurants,Enjoy the new experience of fire safety popularization.At the event.Shuangpengfei: Explore the secrets together!Campus reporters visited the fire-themed restaurant.”Great Wall Campus reporters” visited the fire-fighting theme restaurant, which opened a journey of knowledge and fun. Fire-fighting elements can be seen everywhere on the wall, the ground and the table.Campus journalists were in a restaurant the public space of fire equipment science area, fire identification to identify the area, fire fighting and rescue area, fire knotting science area, and fire control knowledge environment for learning experience, at the same time, fire “blue friends” are also set up a special to be present to fire equipment demonstration provides science demonstration experience to the public.Study together!Fire safety small class harvest full activity site fire knowledge small class site.Double eagle fly above event opened the popular science knowledge sharing a small class, for the New Year by fire propagandist fire safety hazard prevention, brought the campus reporters present a wonderful feast of fire science knowledge, focuses on fire hazards during the Spring Festival and how to prevent and fighting method, survival skills, fire safety signs such as “hardcore” fire control knowledge.Zhang Yisa, a campus reporter from Shijiazhuang Taihang Dajie Primary School, said, “NORMALLY, I worship uncle and aunt firefighters. Today, I was very happy to learn knowledge with uncle and aunt firefighters, and I also learned a lot of fire fighting knowledge that I could not learn in school.”Together!Teachers teach campus reporters how to cut paper.This activity also specially invited hebei intangible Heritage paper-cutting teachers to the scene, led the campus reporters to create the “fire safety” New Year creative window, through such an interesting and festive way to express good wishes in the approaching New Year.”Today’s event was very interesting.I learned a lot about fire fighting and paper cutting skills.I hope you will pay more attention to fire prevention at home.”School reporter Qi Wu from the fifth primary school of Shijiazhuang High-tech Zone said with a smile.Clock in!Many citizens came to experience the fire culture campus reporters took a photo.Fire elements in the theme restaurant can be seen everywhere, content illustrated, easy to understand, at the same time the use of interaction, experience, participation and other popular forms, attracted many citizens to punch the fire culture experience, play an important role in popular science for the majority of consumers.If you love life and are willing to share new news, if you are eloquent and like making friends, if you are interested in journalism, please join the team of “Great Wall Campus Reporters”. Follow the wechat official account of “Great Wall New Media” to sign up and look forward to your joining