More than 200 ball courts will be built in Shijiazhuang this year

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Adults and children are playing football in the futsal football field on the north side of the Hope Oasis Park.■ The standard basketball court of the West Square of Yutong International Sports Center is in a fierce battle.Yesterday was the first day of qingming Holiday.The 81 ball cages in Shijiazhuang are open to the public for the first time after the completion of the stadium. Adults and children are enjoying themselves in the new stadium.At the cage court near the Yutong International Sports Center, a student from no. 23 middle School said cheerfully, “The court here is very good!On a scale of 100, I’d give it 99!”Chang Mingtu/Zhang Haiqiang 81 Courts to Ease the Pressure on the Court At 18:20 yesterday, there were two sets of basketball fans in the cage court near Yutong International Sports Center.Orange guardrail is particularly conspicuous, the west side of the guardrail, “Shijiazhuang basketball Park” several characters let the majority of players heart.Because the venue is close to Zhongshan Road, the main road of Shijiazhuang, it adds more vitality to the city and also becomes a beautiful scene of sports.In the west half, half a dozen students were in full swing and the reporter could not bear to interrupt them for an interview.About 20 minutes later, a 23 middle school students left, the reporter came forward to interview.”I practice soccer in Yutong.After training today, I saw a basketball court open here, so I came to play with some friends.””It’s a nice pitch, it’s bouncy, I’d give it a 99.I will come here often!”Next to the student, Mr. Wang is anxiously waiting for his friends to play with him.”I was on my way to work when I saw the venue open.This I just got off work, about a friend to play here, eager to experience here.”Mr. Wang happily said: “too good, after the ball friends do not need to ‘crowded a knot’ on the pitch.”According to Him, he often plays in the sports park, and during his wildest days, he used to gather nine groups of players in one half in turn.In 2022, Shishi city will build more than 200 ball sports venues, including 10 practical matters concerning people’s livelihood in the city, by taking advantage of vacated land, idle land along the street, park green space and city square.At present, the first batch of 81 courses have been built, opened to the society yesterday, for citizens to exercise experience.”I really want to give a big compliment to shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and sports Bureau. In just four months, 81 ball courts have been completed and opened.”Zhang Zhenhua, a 72-year-old retired employee of Shijiazhuang Mian Si, said with a smile: “Once on the basketball court in Chang ‘an Park, a fellow basketball player sighed, ‘Why are there so few people playing basketball?’I explained to him,’ Look at all the courses that have been built around here, and everybody’s playing close by.In the first batch of 81 venues, there are 48 basketball courts, 9 soccer fields, 11 badminton (air volleyball) courts, 7 table tennis courts, 4 gate courts, and 2 volleyball courts.Among them, 17 will be built on reclaimed land, 29 in parks, 7 in commercial squares, 12 on sidewalks, and 16 on vacant land.In terms of location, there are 39 within the second ring road and 42 outside it.Among them, Chang ‘an district 11, Qiaoxi district 18, Xinhua district 12, Yuhua district 15, high-tech zone 8, Gaocheng District 8, Luancheng district 5, Zhengding county 4.The opening of 81 courses in the first batch greatly met the needs of a large number of ball enthusiasts for sports exercise.More than 20 years ago, near the Yutong International Sports Center and zhongshan Road, there used to be a Yutong basketball court, which was called “The Golden Treasure Court” by many players in Shijiazhuang.It carries the memory of countless provincial basketball fans. From the old people in their 80s to the children in their teens, everyone knows yutong basketball Court.In 2013, with the full construction of metro Line 1, this site, which had experienced 13 years of wind and rain and witnessed the sweat of countless people, had to be demolished.Nine years have passed, yutong basketball court is standing again. Yesterday, two players came to this “golden treasure” again in search of memories.Learned to want to build more than 200 courts in the majority of basketball courts, Mr. Liao is filled with emotion.”There was a lot of food around the court, especially on summer evenings, there was a beer court nearby, and we played with the smell of kebabs.After so many years, I believe there will be more people here.”Mr. Liao said excitedly, “Building so many courts is definitely a great promotion for the development of Shijiazhuang basketball, which is definitely a great welfare for the majority of basketball friends!”Li Zihao is studying in Wuhan university. Yesterday afternoon he and his friends came here to play ball games.”I know the Yutong basketball Court many years ago, but WHEN I was young, I didn’t know how to play basketball. I spent a lot of time standing around the court and watching people play. My interest in basketball was developed then,” he said.High grade rubber floor belongs to The Olympic level to play basketball the elasticity of the ground and prevent slippery degree is very important.Reporter observation, the field in the cage type court is a small piece of rubber floor splicing into.In the impression of many ball friends, the basketball court of this kind of small piece splicing is usually not very elastic, and relatively slippery, and the ground in the cage court is different, these high-quality rubber floor is good elasticity, and anti-skid performance is good, belong to the Olympic Games use level.This time, most of the 200 sports courts in Shijiazhuang are constructed with SES rubber elastic floor independently developed by Yinglio. The material of the floor has obtained the national invention patent, realizing the full soft configuration of the sports floor, and completely changing the disadvantages of the traditional hard floor, such as poor protection, skid resistance and easy injury when falling down.SES rubber elastic floor has been applied in the three-man basketball events of Tokyo Olympic Games, FIBA 3×3 World Cup, Masters, Xi ‘an National Games and the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games.It is characterized by anti-skid, safety, weather resistance and environmental protection.Reporters yesterday also rushed to the oasis park on the north side of the futsal football field, green field, gathered a lot of football players.Mr. Zhang said that the elasticity of the football field is very good, although the lawn is false, but feel very comfortable kicking the ball.At night, the courts are well lit.”The lighting on the course is very professional,” said one player. “There is no double shadow after the ball is illuminated.”Tennis hall and football base construction starts Shijiazhuang sports facilities construction is booming.It is reported that the first phase of shijiazhuang national Fitness Center (tennis hall) project and shijiazhuang youth football training base project, has officially started.The construction of two important stadiums marks the high quality and rapid development of sports in Zhuhai.The city national fitness Center phase I (tennis hall) project is located in yuhua District, west of Nanyin West Street, south of Jiashang Road, the main hall building area of 7240.34 square meters, a total investment of 70.58 million yuan.The main hall of the municipal National Fitness Center highlights the characteristics of tennis, and will build 4 indoor tennis, table tennis, fitness equipment, chess activities and other venues.At the same time, the second phase of the project will also build outdoor tennis courts, including a central court that can accommodate 1,500 people and 8 outdoor tennis courts that can host high-level events.According to the plan, the municipal national fitness center phase I (tennis hall) project will be completed at the end of August this year, in September site testing.After the completion of the center, it will not only fill the gap of no modern professional tennis stadium in the provincial capital, but also have the conditions to undertake high-level tennis events.Shijiazhuang youth football training base project is located in the northwest corner of Jianhua South Street and south Second Ring.The total investment of the project is more than 10 million yuan. The construction content includes 1 standard football field, 2 7-a-side football fields, 1 indoor futsal football field and ancillary facilities. It is expected to be completed and put into use in June this year.The construction of municipal youth football training base will further strengthen the level of municipal youth football training, promote the popularization of mass football, and effectively increase the supply of facilities for national fitness.In recent years, the city vigorously implement sports facilities to make up for shortcomings of the project.Municipal Sports Bureau and related construction units will effectively control the standard, quality control, efficient promotion of project construction.To contribute to the strength of sports to build a sports city, a strong sports city and a vibrant Shijiazhuang, to further improve the people’s sense of experience, gain and happiness in fitness, and to deliver a satisfactory answer to the people of the whole city.