The woman wanted to work in Singapore because of the age problem was rejected, then fake the missing sister-in-law information for passport

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“Opportunity is different, but safety is the most important;Through the phenomenon to see the essence, here is the lack of boat also ferry people “domestic and foreign employment opportunities do differ.But far from home, always have no roots.Of course, who would do that if it wasn’t for living?I can only say, keep it safe.As a Chinese, the country will protect you for a day.Ah Mui wants to work in Singapore.But helpless cultural level is not high, add age some slant big.Does not accord with somebody else’s work requirement.Ah Mui had an idea.She falsely used her missing sister-in-law Liu’s household registration information.He applied for a second-generation ID card with his profile photo.He then applied for an exit/entry passport with the id card.For nine years, based on this bogus information.Ah Mui has made many trips to Singapore.Five of them entered China and five left China.He was discovered when he applied to renew his passport.Police found a high degree of similarity between Liu’s passport photo and ah Mui’s.So subpoenas are issued.Ah Mui also expected something.After arriving at the case, he confessed his crime.Missing a boat: the court held after hearing.Ah Mui violated the border administration regulations and fraudulently obtained exit and entry documents using another person’s identity.If the circumstances are serious, the violation constitutes a crime of illegally crossing the border.After receiving the police summons to voluntarily surrender, and truthfully confessed to the crime.Those who voluntarily surrender may be given a lighter punishment.A suspended sentence has no significant adverse impact on the community in which they live.Therefore, it can be applied to probation.He was sentenced to four months in prison, suspended for four months, and fined RMB3,000.For more of our best stories, follow us here