Only wish every year chang ‘an, beautiful accompany for a long time

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Good, brave, good, never compromise. Wish you, wish me.Good night ~ when all about to say but stop, relieved into a smile, when all the old unbearable, all laugh freely, experience is not beautiful all the way to grow.Good night ~ “People in this life, in a hurry, if you really have a plan, but also a warm and caring, into an inch of joy, step back step by step waiting.”Good night ~” “Don’t think too much, live a good life, maybe life will have the answer, try to walk will have a gentle landing.Good night ~ “We have been so eager for outside recognition, in the end, we realize that the world is our own, has nothing to do with others.– Yang Jiang hopes that in her simple life, she can have more plain time, slow cooking time and company, and meet with each other, with happiness and with peace.Good night ~ wish every year chang an, good accompany for a long time.Good night ~ not ai, do not complain, the heart calm.Life, there is pain and joy;Life has ups and downs.Learn to wave sleeves calmly, warm smile without shame.Good night ~ young, I feel lonely is a cool thing, grow up, I feel lonely is a very sad thing, now, I feel lonely is not a thing.Good night ~ when making tea, gently put down the heavy things and heavily put down the light things.We tend to overexert ourselves and others because of the burden, so “as light” is the heart and not excessive exertion of wisdom.The most intimate warm, is accompanied by the wind and rain;The most lasting love, is insipid never abandon.Good night ~ cure oneself truly, have oneself only, do not complain, undertake as far as possible, not afraid alone, hard precipitation.Good night ~ reliable characteristics of people are generally six words: few words, physical diligence, calm.Good night ~