Total box office!Wu Jing ranked first, Shen Teng ranked second, Yi Yangqian Xi defeated Xu Zheng among the top ten

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Who is the highest-grossing movie star in China?Without a doubt, the name must be Wu Jing.The deadline is February 10th.Wu jing’s films have raked in more than 27.6 billion yuan at the box office, firmly topping the individual box office charts.Wu Jing’s individual leading role at the box office is not only high, but also unparalleled.Quite high.With the second shen Teng gap, the bigger and bigger.Moreover, wu Jing’s movie “The Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” is currently in theaters.It also means that Wu Jing’s box office is rising every day.On the other hand, Shen Teng came in second with a box office of 22.125 billion yuan.But in the Spring Festival film, Shen Teng cast the wrong director.Starred in Han Han’s “four seas”, the box office has rushed to the street, out ahead of time.Ranked in the third place, this is no one look good Huang Bo.Huang Bo came in third with a box office of 18.045 billion yuan.Why is it provisional?Liu Haoran, who ranked fourth, earned 17.893 billion yuan at the box office.The gap with Huang Bo, but is a step away!Ranked in the fifth zhang Hanyu, ranked in the sixth Li Chen, and Liu Haoran’s box office is also quite close.So these actors, it is very likely to be able to surpass their rivals with one work.Looks like they’re all going to try.Jackson Yi’s inclusion in the top 10 is worth mentioning.In the total box office of individual starring films.Yi Yangqianxi, an actor born in the 2000s, was particularly impressive.Yi’s jangjin Lake series has earned more than 9 billion yuan at the box office.Plus the accumulation of previous works.In the Spring Festival, there are two films starring myself.The box office of yi Yangqianxi’s personal starring films was directly raised.Jackson Yi is currently ranked no. 10.By a margin of 0.05 million.Beat Xu Zheng.You know, Jackson Yi is just a very young actor born in the 2000s.At this point in his career, he’s not.As long as he does not fall, the future more than Wu Jing’s box office, is sooner or later.Because Wu Jing will grow old, too.There will be days when you can’t make a movie.There will be retirement someday.And yi yangqianxi, youth is infinitely good, the future is indeed commendable.Yi Yangqianxi is the only actor who may succeed Wu Jing in the future.Liu Haoran was ranked fourth at the box office.But Liu Haoran’s acting skills are compared with Yi Yangqianxi’s.It was just a little bit too hot.Liu Haoran rose with the Detective Chinatown series.But the franchise’s reputation has begun to decline.Chen Sicheng did not know how much bonus he could get in the future, nor did anyone know.Currently, the top 10 leading actors at the Chinese box office are Wu Jing, Shen Teng, Huang Bo, Liu Haoran, Zhang Hanyu, Wang Baoqiang, Li Chen, Zhang Yi, Deng Chao and Yi Yangqianxi.And Xu zheng, from 10th place, fell to 11th place.Following Xu zheng are famous actresses Scarlett Johansson and Zhu Yawen.Competition in the movie market has always been brutal.The ability to stand out from the crowd of actors speaks volumes about their ability.And the box office can reach 10 billion actors, their strength, are already standing at the top of the pyramid.I hope their future will be better and better, and the box office will be higher and higher.Say not at present, can defeat Wu Jing, afraid only Wu Jing!As for the total box office of individual starring films in January 2022.What do you think?