Business Trader Course 03: How to Keep up with top management?

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In the production, supply, and sales chains, businesses with zero marginal cost, or industries with a stronger aggregation effect, have a better chance of exponential growth. Conversely, it’s more like a linear growth logic, whether it’s the growth of the whole company, or the growth that a certain gameplay or channel might bring,May exist linear exponential growth growth/logic all large ecological products, must also follow the “life cycle” logic of the partial exponential curve under any track to become the head, will be a better strategy if you are in the current frontline battlefield to become a head, may be one of the best strategies, is to return two fronts, become the second line after the head of the battlefield,The “head effect” is largely equivalent to the famous “rule of 20 and 80” :In a field, 20% of the top players may get 80% of the revenue, while the remaining 80% can only share the remaining 20% of the revenue. 80% of the resources are responsible for the achievement of the core goal, and 20% of the resources are responsible for the risk + uncertainty of the identified main battlefield.But may pay off the battlefield, or further explore the future of the head effect is if you are in an area to become the head, will be able to get the highest value in the field of the return, or has the highest in the field of potential energy, on the other hand, if you can’t become the head in a specific field, and your overall competitiveness will dent drawing: Oriental alum